Monday, October 03, 2016

flip jack ranch

When my sister first invited me to a weekend away from Danica (my first night away to be exact!), I am not going to lie... I thought no, I am still not ready and that's not my bag. A group of girls I did not know, Santa Cruz, farm to table dinner (what the hell is that anyway?) but then again, time with my sis and kid/dog/hubs free-OK, sign me up!! 

I cannot tell you guys enough about how much fun I ended up having. Flip Jack Ranch was absolutely amazing. Nestled in Bonny Doon (Santa Cruz mountains) I drove there in complete fog so I literally had no idea I was driving along the ocean for the time that I did. Then as I started up the mountains, I instantly felt a need for the nature nurture connection that started vibrating through my body. It totally reminded me of where I grew up. Large redwoods everywhere, the sweet smell of dirt, flowers and fire smoke and the lovely chirps from all the happy birds in unison with occasional sheep baas. I immediately knew I was going to have an amazing time. Soul time. 

Flip Jack Ranch opened as a Bed & Breakfast in 2014. They are an actual working farm and have WWOOFERS you can read about here that volunteer while they stay and learn about organic farming practices. The rooms were super clean and wonderfully decorated that you almost felt like you were in a home away from home. The bathroom facilities were also wonderfully clean as well with the best smelling hand soap sis and I have ever smelt. 

You could nature walk the farm acres and visit all the free roaming animals, lay by the pool, jump on the trampoline in the fairy ring of redwoods or simply chill in a chair, sipping your favorite cocktail around the outdoor dining table while laughing and talking. The beach is a super close drive right back down the hill and you are not far from actual Santa Cruz town if heading there to shop is your gig. 

Saturday night we added a farm to table meal to our stay. It is an additional price but well worth the money. Robin (the owner) made a pork loin that was out of this world (from a pig that they raised on the farm), we had heirloom tomatoes, roasted potatoes and the most incredible home-made ice cream from mushrooms I have ever tasted. We all took turns churning it and passed it around the table during dinner. Robin and her husband ate dinner with us and told us stories about the farm and where they came from and how the place got to be. They really make you feel like you are dining with good friends and have you leave with healthy, full bellies. 

The breakfasts are absolutely amazing too! The eggs were incredible, the first day there were homemade scones that were out of this world and all sorts of lovely jams to put on everything that make can right there on the farm. I came home with 3 jars of jam for the family and they are to die for!!

I am so happy I got this time away from my little family and even more grateful to have spent the time with my amazing sister and had the opportunity to meet new friends all of whom were amazing ladies as well. I could not have asked for a better place to have connected with nature and nurture the soul. I highly recommend this place if you would like to get away for a little nature nurture. 

^^this was the first image I saw right after I parked. I mean how cute and rustic is this place?!

^^Flip Jack is a B&B and so you get the most amazing breakfasts ever!! Homemade scones, fresh fruit and seriously the best farm eggs I have ever tasted
^^cozy fires each night and in the morning

^^lovely coffee and muffin tray delivered to your room door the minute you wake up

^^the most amazing beach just minutes away

^^all because of my sister (LOVE you to pieces!!)

^^the most amazing jams and goodies in the farm store

^^sweetest groups of ladies ever!!

^^roasted red pepper shooters (appetizer) SO good

^^sippin' & starin' (felt so good to relax and unwind

^^dining hall in the main house with the beginning of our farm to table meal

^^garden heirloom tomatoes (ah-mazing!!)

^^homemade mushroom ice-cream 

^^guess who is who lol (sis and I)

^^the pool was super gorgeous and perfect for the incredible warm weather we had during our stay

^^staff mid-day break

^^roaming sheep that were super friendly

P.S. Hubs and D had a great time together and were so excited to see mama on Sunday ;)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!!! xxB

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