Thursday, September 01, 2016

cactus garden + easy fall outfit

grey knot moto jacket parlor girl fall style

layer a moto jacket for fall
wear a print dress with vintage jeans
pink rose gold sunglasses
cute and simple fall outfit
cuffed light denim levis with studded rocketed flats
black saffiano prada tote
dress/top- old (similar) | jeans- Vintage Levi's (also here) | jacket- identical (and less than I paid!!)  shoes- Agaci | bag- Prada (also love this) | sunglasses- Karen Walker 

First off, I practically gave my best friend whip lash when I spied this AH-MAZING cactus garden!! I mean these suckers have been growing for ages?! Am I right?! They are as tall as a building roof and there were tons!! So cool that I am still in awe. I had no idea a cactus plant could grow so tall. 

I wore this outfit a couple weeks ago when my best friend was here. The place we went to dinner is by the water and a little chilly so this was the perfect time to get a jump start on an easy, fall transitional outfit. I love fall simply because the weather can start out warm and then cool off as the day goes or vice versa. The best way to handle that is by layering. This moto jacket is a soft knit and I love the way it looks and lays. Definitely more relaxed than a leather moto jacket. 

This dress has been in my closet for many moons and I have no idea how or where I even got it. I love that it poofs out a bit and I love wearing it with jeans. It is a little short so I typically wear it with flats in the summer.  Here is a great little trick I will share. **Take a summer dress of yours that may teeter on being a bit short and add jeans under it. If it is too long, try tucking it into the front of your jeans as that will help add an element of style.

You all know I am a sucker for anything Levi's!! This pair I decided not to cut into shorts and I love rolling the hem up making a larger cuff. I added a few holes to make them even more "lived in" and love them. They are so soft and I am so grateful to whomever broke them in LOL. 

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