Monday, September 26, 2016

7 simple ways to incorporate Fall into your home

Who else feels that Fall brings the need for all things warm and cozy? This girl right here agrees! There are so many simple ways to add pops of fall into your home and here are 7 of my faves.

When it comes to adding Fall touches around the house, I tend to dream of a cold day, wanting to snuggle in a warm blanket, light the candles for ambiance, faux white pumpkins all over the mantle (as they will last all the way through Thanksgiving) and having a fun welcome mat along with yummy soap for company. These are all items that are easy to add to your home decor by simply swapping out a few pieces you already have without breaking the budget. One of the fastest and most simple things to do is to switch out the pillow covers. I promise you, instant update and you can take them off at the end of Fall and save them for the next year. The big one I love and have been personally working on is that I am still collecting this copper flatware. Almost there!

1. white pumpkin decor
2. fall pillow covers
3. fall leaves doormat
4. faux fur throw
5. pumpkin chai candle & gucci matches
6. handsoap
7. copper flatware

Bonus: 3 free ways to bring some Fall in (literally!!)

1. trim some branches and remove the leaves and put them into a large/tall vase or water pitcher (you can also spray paint them for extra fun)

2. collect all the beautiful color changing leaves and put into a clear glass bowl, apothecary jar or vase. I have also sprinkled them on my coffee table (before kids lol)

3.  California is called the golden state for a reason. There are golden colored weeds, grass whatever you call it all over. I love to gather a bundle of those, wrap a pretty fall ribbon around it and place on the table standing up.

How do you incorporate Fall into your home? Have an awesome week!!

Thanks for reading... xxB

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