Monday, August 22, 2016

cheers to 20 years...

fedora hat style

woven cognac cross body
blue and white kimono stripe top
olive green lace up flat sandals
^^oh barbie, hurry up and take the damn picture
grizzly peak view of san francisco
mirrored aviator sunglasses
olive studded scrappy flats
top- ASOS sold out (similar & identical!!) | jeans- AG | shoes- Agaci (in store) also here | hat- Forever 21 | bag- Sole Society | sunglasses- BP | watch Nixon | phone case- Urban Outfitters 

I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome it was having my best friend here for a week. We have been best friends for 20 years now and I am so grateful for her each and everyday!! She is like the yin to my yang, grey to my black & white, older sister I never had (as I am the oldest haha), always a wealth of knowledge and advice, makes me laugh, cry and can talk about anything. You name it, we have been through it and had a blast while doing it. Most of all, she has the biggest heart of anybody I have ever met and would give you the shirt off her back. The only thing I absolutely hate is that she's now living 2400 miles away from me. I have learned to live with it and have accepted it... For the most part! JK.

When she was here, we literally shot my outfits left and right. I was like puhhhhlease move here so A and I do not get a D over shooting pics (another jk & funny story)... She was amazing at helping me out and just when we got going and were like let's shoot there and there as we drove around, our week wrapped up. But what a gift it was to have her here.

If you followed us on snapchat (theparlorgirl) then you saw us go home to our local county fair. While we were there, my baby literally fell in love with "Dede" and just absolutely adored her. My heart was overflowing... She held her hand, danced around together, looked at all the animals with her and ate lots of yummy treats. Kids are pretty darn amazing and have such incredible instincts. It was like Danica knew what Donielle was all about... #LOVE

These pics are at a super fun vista spot along a high road that lets you see the city. We drove and came across these fun large graffiti logs they now have up there blocking you I am guessing from going over the edge. Most kids go up there and make out these days and watching the sunset out over the Golden Gate Bridge is fun too. That day was pretty hot which made the view a bit hazy. No matter what the weather or circumstances when ever you're with you BFFE, you can always make the best of it and have an amazing time.

Cheers to 20 years and many many more... I love you to pieces!!! xxB

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  1. Aww that's so amazing to have a friend for that long. It's beautiful and I'm glad you have someone like her <3

    xo Azu