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beauty favorites: pixi beauty + giveaway

parlor girl pixi beauty favorites

Pixi Beauty started sending me some amazing products a couple months back. I do not know about you guys but I am a creature of habit about certain things and a little stubborn when it comes to change so I was a bit hesitant to start using new products especially on my face. The first box they sent me had a ton of skin care items in it. I wanted to give the products some time to pass to be able to tell you guys honestly what I thought. Plus, I feel that your skin can respond and act well right at first but giving it ample time is the true test. Today I am sharing some of the ones that I really loved from the skincare line.

Pixi by Petra History: I am sure you all have seen these pretty mint green and gold packages in the Target beauty section. I mean, you had me at packaging, right?! I have actually grabbed a few things over the last couple years to try and yet I did not really know what they were all about until they started sending me some samples. Then the little info-junkie that I am started reading up on them. They have cruelty-free packaging that is sourced world-wide. They value natural ingredients and the products are safe and non-toxic. Their core commitment is to provide effective products that deliver proven benefits to the skin while empowering and inspiring people to make better skincare choices for beauty and last but not least, they do NOT test products on animals or let others test on their behalf and request their suppliers to certify the raw materials used in the manufacture of products were not used on animals.

Glow Tonic TO-GO Pads: Hands down my favorite item they have. After you cleanse, they leave your skin feeling so fresh and clean removing all leftover makeup debris. Plus, I love the way they smell.

Lash Nourishing Makeup Remover Pads: These are fabulous at removing mascara. I love to wear a lot of primer and multiple layers of mascara. These pads definitely take it all aways and leave your lashes and eye area feeling great. (I do not wear waterproof at all, but their site says it will even take that off! Let me know if you guys have experienced that.)

H2O Skindrink: Obsessed! I have told so many people about this and they are now using it and love it. It feels like you gave your skin a drink of water. It is a hydrating gel that rejuvenates, refreshes and cools immediately. It literally feels so velvety going on and again the smell is yummy.

Hydrating Milky Serum: The dropper take s a few times to suck up the product but once you get the hang of it, this stuff is great. It's a little extra added moisture treatment before the H2O skin drink for those times you are feeling extra dry.

Moisturizing Cleansing Cloths: I love a good cleansing wipe before I wash my face with cleanser. These would probably be better when I were to go camping and do not already have makeup on. They are pretty subtle at removing stuff. I did see online that they have actual makeup removing wipes and those would be better for me. I always love a good wipe before I start cleansing my face.

Lash Line Ink: For those of you that love liquid liner, this is your new best friend. Ah-mazing! Seriously the most black of blacks I have ever used, precision tip for cat eye or simple along the lash line application, it stays in place and is waterproof. I have worn it in the pool many times and never did it move!! Best of all, it is formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates.

Multi balm: These little lovelies have a dual purpose! They are both lip and cheek color. Totally buildable, infused with aloe vera, rose hip oil and shea butter, stay on creme powder formula. I am in love. Aaaaaand, I have an extra set of these babies so today I am giving away a set (5 multibalms) to one lucky reader.
parlor girl pixi beauty multi balm giveaway

I have been loving pixi beauty products and I hope you all do too! Let me know if you have used them or what you would like to try. xxB

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