Wednesday, June 15, 2016

summer's 4 hottest trends

summers hottest trends mirrored sunglasses pom poms espadrille wedges chokers parlor girl
mirrored sunglasses 1, 2, 3 / pom poms bag, shoes / chokers 1, 2, 3 / wedge espadrilles 1, 2, 3

These 4 items are definitely Summer's hottest trends. I have to say, they are all budget friendly except one.  And how fun are they all?!

Mirrored sunglasses are everywhere and if you do not have a pair, run buy some for Summer. You do not need to spend a fortune on them as I have this pair that were only $12 and these that are $50. Quay sunglasses make the prettiest of mirrored sunglasses and you can find them in an array of sizes and lens reflections also here. Plus, I love the reflection you get in the lenses, they're great for boating and you will totally look ultra-chic. 

Pom poms are so fun and colorful, making your outfits come to life. I love these sandals and every time I wear them, I get a ton of compliments and how fun is this bag?! I love anything that amps up an outfit and makes your day brighter.  I even bought a bag of poms and have made a little pom tassel for my other straw bag. I promise to show you soon. 

Chokers! Hallelujah they're back. I wore these all thru the 90s grunge era (hope I am not dating myself). They are a super fun accessory and can be worn with everything from a casual tank to dressed up dresses for a night out. Have fun with them! I even like to double them up. Do not worry about choking, most of them have an adjustable strap your the long cord options allow you to tie them accordingly around your neck.

Espadrille wedges have to be the hottest shoe trend there is lately. I ordered these and loved them so much I had to get the cognac color too. If you are seeking a budget friendly option, these are great and under $35. The denim ones above are super cute too and I must admit, I was totally eyeing them. 

Which Summer trends are you going to try? Leave me a comment and share. 

Thanks for reading!! xxB

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