Monday, June 27, 2016

5 reasons to have a great week

Happy Monday!
Can you believe this week marks our half year? Seriously, where does the time go? I know that being a busy mama really makes things speed up, but I have a feeling we are going to be Christmas shopping right after the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which I will get into here pretty quickly over the next week and keep you posted all along the way. Without further ado, let's get into 5 reasons for you to have a great last week of June.

1. 4th of July is in exactly a week- Boom! I am super excited to take Danica to the parade this year, dress her in ridiculous amounts of red, white and blue (in multiple outfit changes to be completely honest) and see her face light up with all the lovely colors pops in the sky. Here are a few outfit inspirations that are simple, easy to pull together and will have you going out with a bang to whatever your festivities of choice are. 
fourth of july outfit idea
 ^^full outfit post here
american peace tank white cutoffs fourth style
^^full outfit post here
^^full outfit post here

2. Pallet Wall Obsession! We are getting ready to convert D's room into a more toddler friendly space and ditch the crib. Originally, I wanted to create a wood pallet wall and fell in love with these ones from pinterest. However, they seem to take a bit of work and I stumbled across these wall paper mural versions and think they may be a better/less permanent choice as I am quite the mind changer and will probably want to redesign it again in an year or less.   
colorful wood pallet accent wall inspirationwood pallet wall inspiration
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3. Fun Flatware to amp up your kitchen look. I am obsessed with copper everything as my hubs works with copper and it feels natural to have it incorporated in our home. I have been ordering these a set at a time and totally love these ones too. How fun would it be to change up your silverware?! My grandma use to have one gold spoon and my sister, brother and I would fight over who got the golden spoon. I have always wondered why all of our silverware is boring silver. I think it would be so pretty to have a different set of flatware and how exciting would it be to set the table?!

4. Lust for Rust / Rust and copper tones are completely filling my closet this summer. The rust color tones look super gorgeous on all skin tones, tanned or not and will be making a huge statement all summer. Here are a few of my favorites to share. 

5. Smoothie Bowls make breakfast fun. There is nothing like starting off your day with a little pep in your step. I mean, how much more fun is it to eat something that is pretty and good for you? I must admit my hubs is so good at arranging my food and serving it that it makes eating it so much more enjoyable. I first had a smoothie bowl at our local Acai bowl place here in town. Then when I started BBG, the app has all of these great recipes for smoothie bowls and it took off from there. They are so simple and you top them off with some of the same ingredients and they look so professional.
healthy smoothie berry acai bowl
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I hope you all have an amazing week and stay tuned as we start to get ramped up for the biggest sale of the year. I know we are just scratching the surface of summer but I promise you shopping Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for fall clothing will not disappoint!

Thanks for reading!! xxB

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