Wednesday, May 25, 2016

weekend overall style

denim fitted overalls parlor girl
tan lace up gladiator sandals
lace up sandals with overalls
bucket bag tassels
tan suede lace up sandals
blush fitted tee
gold mirrored sunglasses
casual overall style parlor girl
beaded coin earrings
overalls- Madewell (also have these) | top- H&M | sandals- Steve Madden (also come in black) | bag- Forever 21 | sunglasses- B.P. | earrings- Topshop | watch- Michele

I love overalls. Any chance I get, I am all over them, or in them-ha. I especially love to wear them with heels as I love a good juxtaposition. However, overalls are also a great option for weekend wear. They make it easy to stash your phone, chase your babe and look super cute with the lace-up sandals trend for the summer. This pair is so comfortable. They are fitted, stretch and do not make you feel like a farmer. I also have this pair with flare legs and love them too!

Do you wear overalls?

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