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Happy Monday and welcome to another #girltalk. In case you missed the other two posts of my new monthly series, you can catch up and find them here and here

Monday's have always been a huge day of the week for me. After talking with quite a few people, it seems that the consensus is, most people dread the arrival of Monday. Not I, Monday means a free/gifted start to a brand new week and I love this day! Whenever we start an eating plan or new workout regime, it always has to start on a Monday (I know, silly!) Sure, we all get busy and wrapped up in life, weekends are a blast and it is easy for Monday to bring dread to our work week ahead. 
So instead, let's try to look at it from another angle and today, I encourage you recite this mantra below to help ease into this beautiful new week!
parlor girl #girltalk series positive mind positive vibes positive life
1 // inspos for monday
1 // get a good nights rest on sunday
2 // wake up early and take 5 minutes to meditate (clear your head and think happy thoughts or just sit there and breathe)
3 // drink a large glass of water immediately
4 // do a healthy activity
5 // do what you love and you will never have a problem with Monday #yesplease

2 // hair products i cannot live without
parlor girl hair care routine HBL complete treatment avid volumizing tonic pink sugar hair spray wet brush boreal absolut
I posted this pic on instagram @parlorgirl the other day of my hair arsenal. After making my latest hair curling tutorial, I received quite a few questions about haircare. The products you use before you style your hair are just as important, if not more than the ones you use during. 
I shampoo and condition with this and this then I get out and gently towel dry. I put a pea size of the serie expert absolut in from mid shaft to ends (ears down) and then brush with this (seriously the holy grail of brushes and knot tamer!) then I liberally spray the HBL complete treatment all over, followed by the volumizing tonic at the roots and blow dry. I love yummy smelling hair so I spray the Pink Sugar Hair Perfume in the back at my hairline to keep my hair smelling good usually on second or third day hair. 

3 // F I V E  things on my wishlist:

4 // tips for keeping you a sane mama of a toddler
Chasing after a little can become quite the chore and exhausting all in the same. Mine sure is on the move and into EVERYTHING. I unload the dishwasher, she takes apart the entire tupperware drawer. I pick up all her toys, put them in the basket and she dumps out her 344 piece block set and laughs. These are a few ways I have learned to take the day in strides with my toddler. 
1 // relax and let type-A out the door
2 // clean up once at the end of the day
3 // get outside for a walk/park to burn off the wiggles each day (if it's raining, the mall is a good place to walk or indoor gymnastics is fun)
4 // rest & presence - rest when they rest, yes this still rings true as mine is a busy bee, I get pooped from following her and entertaining her so I relax during her nap now (just like when she was a newborn). I take advantage of my morning time before she gets up or after she goes to bed as well. But during the day I try to be engaged and present with her. She was really sick this weekend and I was looking back and reminiscing at old pictures of her. You guys, time FLIES! Take in every single moment. You will always have your phone, emails and social media but you will not get back time, that amazing baby smell, snuggles and memories. Be Present!!
5 // if it doesn't kill you-youll live! (thanks sis!!)

5 // F I V E  weekly goals
1 // read more - I just downloaded this book to read. I have heard so many great things about it!
2 // drink more water - this bottle makes water drinking so much fun
3 // smile at every passer by - spreading happiness and love can help heal the world. Be mindful of sharing your amazing light and energy and I challenge you to smile at each person you encounter this week. Even smiling all day can elevate your own mood. This book is a total inspiration for just this!!
4 // make a new recipe - this looks ah-mazing
5 // get more organized!!! This one probably deserves a post all in itself however, I will try to cram it in a nutshell and you let me know if you need more. I work full time hours as a hairstylist, full time blogger, full time mama and full time wife. How do I do it all? I confess, it is hard. I like lists. I do have two apps and I just cannot get use to them on my phone. I prefer to handwrite mine and Target has the best notepads in their dollar section especially if you're in a hurry. There is something so gratifying about writing a task down and scribbling a line through it as completed. I have a couple different lists for my week that totally help. This is my week at a glance and I love it. It keeps me on track with all my duties and allows me to quickly add or remove one (when finished with a sheet I flip over and cut into squares for the scrap drawer or grocery list to recycle the paper. Using this, I write out my daily to-do's so I can tear this off and take it with me on errands or to work. I will admit it is hard to be organized all the time. In fact, pretty impossible especially if you have kids. But, if you can shave off some disorganization in certain areas and organize the areas that matter most to you, I promise it will totally help. For example, I like a perfect closet and have total organization control over that vs. organized living space as reasons mentioned above. The change of the seasons help too as I love to refresh our home and closets switching out seasonal items and storing them in these. I have learned that you cannot do it all, nor do you need to do it all. So pick what matters most to you and focus on that!
Wishing you all an AMAZING Monday!!! Thanks for reading...

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