Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Happy Wednesday friends! 
Here is another #girltalk and I have some good questions today!

1. As a new mom, how do you look put together and comfortable at the same time?
I am a total sneakers and leggings kinda girl! It is important to get yourself ready either before the baby wakes up or during their first nap. It can be hard and you may be tired, that is why I preferred to do it before she got up then if I was tired I could nap while she napped and I was already ready. This outfit is perfect for breast feeding, running errands and still looking together. Throwing on a leather coat with leggings and sneakers amps up a modern day sweat outfit.  

2. Do you have any suggestions for traveling with a baby?
We have only taken 4 trips that involved flying. So I am by no means an expert but I will share what has worked for us. I tend to be an over packer and I also like to be prepared. Our very first flight she was 2 months old and cried almost the entire last hour. Yep, I had that kid! No boob, bottle or anything worked. Since then, I always have boob ready, or a bottle, snacks galore, her favorite sippy cup and her favorite toys, my keys and she now loves kid videos on youtube, all packed in pack pack (backpack). I also make sure to tire her out in the airport so when it does come time to be settled, she does not have the urge to want to run on the plane, fingers crossed!

3. How do I get my arms to look like yours?
Lift heavy weights people. You are not going to look like a guy or get BIG! It is not in our genetics ANYWHERE!! lol. Even if you want to just tone, if you can lift 12-15 reps you need to move up in weight. I drink a boat load of water and I eat very clean 90% of the time. Now, I am not a twig that weighs a bill, but I am healthy, fit, happy and am probably going to wear a two piece for the rest of my life. I love the fitbit as it holds you accountable and I am a firm believer in cute workout clothes to keep you motivated. Moral of the story // heavy weights=gorgeous arms! P.S. this set is perfect to have on hand at home and is under $80!

4. Where do you shop for Danica?
I really shop for her wherever I am. If I am in Old Navy and see something I grab it. Same goes for GAP, Nordstrom, Zara and Target! Here are some of my faves...

5. How do you curl your hair?
Funny you should ask. I had actually planned on doing an updated hair video yesterday, but my hair was not cooperating. I promise it will be coming soon. Until then, here are all the tools I currently use and will hopefully film one soon!
I put this tonic in my hair to blow dry and only use this brush to comb thru. It is the holy grail and if you do not own one yet, run! Once dry, I spray this all over. Then I love to curl mine with a 1 1/2" iron and alternate between curling and wrapping. I always curl away from the face to the middle in the back. Then after, I run my fingers thru to mix the curls and spray this all over.  

Thank you all for emailing these questions! 
You can always send me an email at theparlorgirl(AT) or find me on IG (parlorgirl) or on snap (theparlorgirl)
Have an amazing day!!! xx, B

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