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new year's resolutions

parlor girl new years resolutions goals plans for 2016

Happy New Year! I am a total goal person. I always love to plan things, execute and check them off a list. With that being said, I am a lover of New Year's Resolutions. You could also call them New Year's Goals if you're not a resolution fan. I am not sure why people hate the word resolution, maybe because they set the bar really high and its hard to obtain them or maybe because they just fall off quickly? I am not sure about others but I set mine at a reasonable standard (totally achievable) and yet something to work towards. As I sat with a glass of champs and my 2016 planner, I took a few days to compile mine for the year so here goes. 

1. workout/eat healthy // I use to be crazy about both of these (as I was a figure competitor & ran half-marathons in the past) however, it is really easy to fall off the wagon. I would like to be more consistent in both areas and less extreme. I notice a HUGE mental difference when I workout regularly. Seriously, I have worked out since I was 16 in a gym, 5 days a week at 5am. Now, since having the baby, I have to wait until hubs gets home to go and that is too easy to come up with an excuse and say I'll just go tomorrow. I always say that when you feel good, you look better physically and mentally, resulting in more confidence in everything you do! Also, the thing that motivates me is cute workout gear. I have gathered a few new things I will be sharing later this week. 

2. drink more water // I use to be so good about this too. I really strive to drink at least a half gallon but would like to up it more to around a gallon. Water is essential to everything you do. It makes your skin look amazing, keeps you feeling full, overall it helps to improves your health in so many ways from the inside out. I know you're thinking you will have to go to the bathroom all day, nope it all balances out after your body adjusts a few days in. Promise. 

3. read more // Before Danica, I use to read a lot, especially before bed. Now, at night I try to do my blog post or get up at 4:30-5am to finish it. I need to get more organized to have the time to set aside to read. My sister listens to a lot of books on tape. I may try more of those too. Any good book suggestions?

4. get more organized // Being organized can help you save time (mamas) in so many ways. I need to plan out my posts, have my desk organized, the house, refrigerator, shopping list to help every area flow a little better. I am really good about not having clutter around and we always pick up Danica's toys each night. I have to go to bed with pillows on the couch, toys in the basket and coffee made. Anyone else?

5. unplug // I probably should have made this #1 except mine are all equal and not in any specific order. It sure is easy to get caught up in social media, making a list, checking the weather to see what to wear tomorrow, email, Facebook, instagram, calendar, oh the baby is being silly hurry open snapchat... You get it. We literally do EVERYTHING on the phone. This is not to say I am quitting my iPhone, I will still do quite a bit on the phone, but I really would like to be more in the moment instead of trying to capture every moment through the iPhone. Plus, if I unplug a little at night, I have time to read, see #3. 

6. local activities // I grew up in a small country town. However, that did not stop us as a family from exploring all around where we lived. I want to expose Danica to the same things. We are all, always so eager to get on a plane and 'get out of where we live' that I really want to stop, enjoy and explore all the fun touristy spots around us and try to go to or see a new place each month. You do not have to spend any money, these can even be free activities, hikes, ocean, trees, bridges and walks. We are in California and there are so many amazing places/things to enjoy. A few other I would like to see are The Winchester Mystery House, Mystery Spot, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Yosemite, San Francisco Cable Cars and Disneyland. 

7. live more "green" // When I was pregnant, I was super conscious about every single product I used and every single thing that went into my mouth. I swore I could smell chemicals in products, especially hair products and could only use all natural/organic items. I also became huge fan of natural cleaning products and since I have dogs, I have always used vinegar to clean my floors. It just made that much more sense to keep on that path when my little was crawling around and now walking on them too. I have started composting (yes, Bonnie-my sister who also has chickens and bees!) and I just ordered a second recycling bin as we recycle everything in California and barely trash anything ha! I use my own bags at the grocery store and glass containers for my lunch. I would like to go back to more "chemical free" beauty products as well. If you guys have any suggestions I would love to hear them. 

Do you make resolutions? Goals? What are some of yours? Cheers to another amazing year!! xx

P.S. My mom gave me an amazing book called One Good Deed A Day and I will be sharing those with you in the days to come. "Kindness is Contagious and doing a favor for another is a small action that can have a great impact!" We need to spread more happiness, kindness and cheer. For example, the other day I saw a homeless man hanging outside of Starbucks, I purchased him a $10 gift card. Or you could simply share a smile at a stranger passing by (instead of your head down on the phone!) let's kick it off with this, today I challenge you to...

smile at a stranger...

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