Thursday, January 07, 2016

3 FREE ways to get fit as a mama

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There was a time long long ago, when I had free time. 15 months to be exact. With that being said, now as a mama, finding the time to get a good workout in more than once or twice a week ((ALONE)) can be a bit challenging. There are amazing gyms/clubs with incredible childcare (I have not put D in any sort of childcare situation yet) that you could take advantage of or I have a couple free suggestions that help within my household to stay fit. 
1. waking/running with the jogging stroller // we have amazing trails around here and a reservoir that you can walk or run around and get a great workout. I have been lucky that D loves the stroller and being out in nature which I believe is so important. We all need to get out and get some natural vitamin D and breathe fresh air.
2. videos and/or fit tv // our cable tv has fit tv with all sorts of free workout programs from yoga to pilates to at home kickboxing programs. You can do these while your littles are down at nap or sometimes I do mine with D out and about and yes, crawling around on me. Check with your local provider to see if you have any fit tv options. 
3. playing in the park // since D started walking and running, we have been frequenting the park quite a bit. She loves to walk all around, check out the play structure, run along the paths and now go down the slide. I cannot believe that a year ago, she could not even sit up on her own and now she runs and plays all over the place. Simply incredible!! You can get a good little workout chasing the littles at the park. Mine can run like she's on fire. Our park has a huge grass field and during the day it is pretty vacant. Running around there for both of us is such a great workout. When she tires out, I pull out the blanket and I can either give her a snack or use her as a weight. I have done everything from squats, lunges, abs, push ups and chest presses with her. You guys, it doesn't take much and they will love every minute of attention you give them as you are unplugged (see my resolutions #5) and fully engaged. Win, win. You can even do step-ups on the platforms and pull-ups on their bars!
What are some of your favorite workouts? Do you have any suggestions for working out with little ones? I cannot believe we are already one week into 2016. 
xx, B


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  1. What precious pictures of you and the family at the park. Perfection!!! May God continue to bless you this year.

    Happy New Year!