Tuesday, October 06, 2015

how to: build a wardrobe

True confession: I get super fashion giddy come fall and I tend to go a bit overboard buying. Meanwhile I am just eager to gather all sorts of new, cool weather attire for my closet. However, this year, I have decided to stop and think about each and every piece I have in my wardrobe and plan on adding to it. I came across this cool little list called the 5-piece french wardrobe while cruising through pinterest a month ago. It is the perfect thing to share with all of you.
This list is simple, concise and wonderfully basic for building a functioning wardrobe foundation without breaking your bank. The older I get the more I find that I am super comfortable with having a more simplified and classic style. With that being said, I have been changing up my closet with timeless pieces that can last from season to season. I am finding that my trendy items are less expensive and my classic pieces are of more quality. I use to want a closet full of items I only wore once. But let's be honest, that is not friendly on the pocket book and I surely cannot ask hubs to budget that one in each month, thus leading me into building a wardrobe around basics. Insert: the 5-piece french wardrobe. 
the 5 piece french wardrobe parlor girl
The rules are simple. 
1- Adding Basics // basics are always allowed. These are pieces that can be worn over and over, they go with everything and are made of a quality material that will last. Start pecking away at the list above and socks & underwear do not count.
2- Each Season, add in 5 new trendy pieces // these can be anything that is "in" during the current season. 
This is purely a guideline made to simplify your closet without breaking the budget. However, please feel free to express your personal style anyway you choose. I just love the simplicity of this list, especially for us mama's who do not have a lot of time to put effort into getting ready each day but would like to stay fashionably current. This will keep you chic and stylish without extra brainpower.
Here are a few of my favorites from each of the categories on the list to get you started with basics. 
tops //

jackets //

 bottoms //

shoes //

accessories //

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