Wednesday, August 26, 2015

trend alert | make a statement with a bandana neck scarf

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Are you a statement necklace hoarder like myself? Have you been wondering how you were going to peel yourself out of that style and into something new and edgy? If you answered yes, keep reading. The time has come to ditch the statement jewels and tie on a bandana scarf in lieu. This fun and edgy trend, has been sailing right along since last Spring (and the 90's). The funny thing is, I actually have several of these little goodies that I wear snowboarding all of the time. Winters past, we have tied them on our legs, used them as face covers and even as neck decor. Wallah, I am so trendy and ahead of the game.

I love trends that create a mania to fire us all up about getting dressed again and it sure is nice when the trends are an inexpensive addition for having such a short life as well. If you feel brave, tie one on around your neck. I love the little bit of edge they add to a simple outfit whether you're in jeans and a tee or a button up and trousers. If not, you can always wear one as a headband, wrapped around your bun or even as a bracelet on your arm just to introduce the style.

The best part is you can seriously find them ANYWHERE. If you're really on the prowl and don't want to drop a dime, ask your grandparents for a hanky. Or raid your parents closet. My guess is every single parent has one. Otherwise, I linked some below if you're better at screen shopping!

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by. xx,B

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  1. Yes! I love statement necklaces!!!! They are so fun especially when it's the final touch to an outfit!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

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