Thursday, July 30, 2015

entryway inspo

When it comes to the entry of your home, I feel that this space really sets the tone for how your guests first see your house. Like your eyes being the windows to your soul, the entry has the same feel with a quick glance/first impression of whats to come for anyone entering your home. When we moved into this house back in December, it has taken some time (you know in all my free time with a new baby, working full time and blogging) to get all of the rooms decorated and settled to where if I have guests over, I feel at ease with how our home looks. The entryway was one of the last places for me to have put together. I had most of everything for the decor, but was waiting on a few key pieces that finally arrived. 
Today, I have gathered some amazing entry photos to share with you that were a huge inspiration for my design. You can always follow me on IG @parlorgirl to see little snips of our home, here and there or on my pinterest board here to see what all of my interest are.

When selecting an entryway design palate, I had to keep a few things in mind. 
1. clutter free / we do not wear shoes in our house and they can add up quickly by the door (must hide shoes)
2. storage / my hubs likes all 5 pairs of his tennis shoes to stay by the front door?! (see #1)
3. family friendly / we have a baby, teen and 3 dogs
4. organic representation / I wanted guests to immediately feel the vibe of our home as relaxed and inviting
bright inviting entryway
luxe entryway
inviting entryway
classic chic entryway
modern chic entryway

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  1. lol he sounds like my bf ... what the hell do u need those shoes near the front for lol :) silly men!