Wednesday, June 17, 2015

mango salsa

Good Morning! Here is an awesome summer recipe for mango salsa that my hubs is excellent at making. This salsa is perfect for fish tacos, morning eggs, veggies or we even had it on our trip-tip last night. Ha. We love it. It is super easy to throw together and the colors just make you want to take pictures of every single meal.
mango salsa
4 ripe mangoes
2 red bell peppers
1 red onion
cilantro 1/8-1/4 C
celtic sea salt
cumin 1t
honey 1T-2T 
garlic minced 1T
jalapeño (optional for kick)

finely chop everything up 
add honey, just a small amount as it is the binder and you do not need much
salt and pepper to taste 
if you like heat/kick add the jalapeño
place in container and let sit overnight to marinate


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  1. This looks yummy, I think I need to add this on our next taco Tuesday menu!