Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Mama // Must-Haves

new mama must haves
sheep // this has been a lifesaver. at first it sounded like courting whales until we settled on the waves only button. with a household of 3 dogs and a hubs that is up at 4am, I fire this thing up every morning to cancel out any noise we have. (I actually enjoy hearing it for myself to fall asleep!)
headband // I originally started off with a pink one and quickly headed back for orange, white and royal blue. L-O-V-E these!
carrier // this is my saving grace. sometimes sitting in the stroller is not an option and this is the perfect solution. my mini loves to be on me and this allows her to face in or out while being in close contact with Mama.  
wubbanub // my little likes to chew on the paci, not suck but her favorite thing on earth is the animal attached. I have stocked up on these little wubs.
moccs // let's be honest, shoes are hard to keep on baby feet. these mocks however, are amazing. they stay on with or without socks and look good with everything. 
swaddles // perfect for everything from a nursing cover, swaddle blanket, changing table cover, burp cloth or blanket. you cannot have too many. I also keep one in each car. 
giraffe // favorite toy. not only does she love to chew on it, she squeaks it and gives the dog a run for their money.
blanket // this was a gift at my shower. it quickly became a fave and we got a couple more. it is seriously the softest and most durable blanket.
rocker // this thing was our life saver. she didn't like to sleep flat at first, so she slept in this each and every night. it has an awesome vibrating option and rocks as well. we were able to move her around in it and I love that it folds up too for traveling. 
All of the things here are items I use/used during the first 6 months with our baby girl. I would buy each and every one of these over again or for a friend as well. 
What are some of your New-Mama favorites?
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