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Mom Style + Dressing Tips...

Fall Style Faux Fur Vest
Faux Fur Vest
Retro Sunglasses and layered jewelry
Combat boots and Paige skinny jeans
Marc Jacobs diaper bag
Chic diaper bag style
Mom Style

Being a mom is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me, besides marrying her daddy! Lately when I have talked to other mamas the number one thing I hear is it's so hard to get dressed with hair and makeup done for the day and get out of the house. Which is probably why a lot of women turn to comfort dressing a.k.a sweats! Being a mom is challenging as it is the number one most selfless act you will ever partake in. With that being said, you can still take care of you and look presentable to venture out into the world. Now, I will admit that I took a few weeks of living in my Victoria's Secret sweats (they were all cute ;] ha!) and did not do my hair or makeup at all during those times. What I did do was sleep. I knew there would come a day when I would feel like dressing again and that gave me time to plot my style and something to look forward to as well. 

Now, being new moms, some of us are still trying to catch up on sleep, some are already returning to work and some can just bust a move into heels and everything fancy right out the gate. Well not me! If my brain is not firing then I cannot do a dang thing. And sleep is what makes my brain fire. After relaxing for a few weeks, it feels good to get back into a normal routine (somewhat) and feel female/human again. You really have to pick what is important and take advantage of the sleepy time I call it and do those important things for you while bebe is resting. For me, I could care less about the kitchen now and would rather do my hair and makeup. You cannot do it all and that is fine!

When it comes to dressing, a good rule I think that is easy to stick to is 
KISS- Keep. It. Super. Simple. 
Basics are key for simplicity. Sticking to basic, neutral colors that can be mixed and matched throughout your closet can make getting dressed when you're limited on time go a whole lot faster. Black is great for making you feel slim while shedding those postpartum pounds. I love these oversized boyfriend tees from Target as I go up a couple sizes to make them extra roomy and forgiving and boots or any type of flat is great as you're getting use to your old body yet again and need to be stable with a baby carrier or pushing the buggy all around. 

For hair, invest in dry shampoo and make your style last for a few days! You can always put it up into cute bun too. Makeup can be as minimal as foundation or powder, a little blush, mascara and a gloss.  These all really go a long way to add even skin tone, color to your face and alive looking eyes (even though we have all been nocturnal vampires that are running on fumes).

Lastly, I always add fun statement jewelry to help pep up my look and take it from super casual to polished casual. Since our mornings are cooler here this faux fur vest was the perfect topper for layering. I cannot forget to mention these sunnies! I am OBSESSED! I use to have this same style in 8th grade and I couldn't decide if I wanted to pull the Ray-Ban trigger and splurge. I came across these at Target and got them in black and tortoise and am so happy!

One of my best friends gifted this diaper bag to me and I have not carried another bag in all my 6 weeks of having Danica. It is my absolute favorite! Super easy to use and very open allowing me to get to everything with ease. It has a lovely zip-top, two top handles or the awesome cross-body when you need to be hands free. Overall, it is very versatile and black goes with everything!!!

Are you a new mama or thinking of having little ones? I would love to hear your fabulous tips!

Have a great day!!

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