Wednesday, November 05, 2014

How to Shop PG's Instagram

Hey Loves... Alright I wanted to fill you in on something you may be running across on Instagram lately for those of you who aren't familiar with it. Signing up at allows you to shop your favorite Instagrammers accounts. You have probably seen IG photos that have this under them 
>>#liketkit @liketkit<<
and probably thought WTH is all that tagging under an outfit pic :-/ ?! 
Well, let me tell you that this new tool is pretty darn amazing. You just need to take 3 steps and you're there!
Step 1. Register your email one time on website
Step 2. Like instagrams that include the links
Step 3. Open your email to receive ready to shop product links

You have the options to have the emails sent to you asap, daily or weekly! 

After you like a pic, you will get an email or log into your account and under your likes it will look like this and allow you to see all the items you can shop from your favorite IG'ers pictures. SO cool and handy!

I am sure some of you are asking yourselves why us bloggers like to use this? Here is why I like it, not only can I personally like photos and get the info I need ASAP, but I get questions, emails and comments on Instagram daily and sometimes it is hard to get back to everyone quickly. (As I have a full-time job & full time family that requires immediate attention as most bloggers do, sometimes it could take a day or longer to respond...) However, if you prefer immediate gratification like I personally do, then this system is for you! It will give you those responses immediately, daily or weekly, whichever you choose, without having to wait for me to get back to you! Remember, all you have to do is "like" an Instagram photo with the link and then wait patiently for your info to be sent. It is all about making things easier for you all!
I am so jazzed over this system and super excited to share it with you all.  

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