Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Nursery Reveal for our Baby Girl

baby girl nursery
baby girl nursery
headband board for little girl
baby nursery decor
elegant baby nursery
nursery gallery wall
baby diaper cake
white and gold nursery
gallery wall
nursery decor
white nursery
white and gold nursery
elegant nursery decor
baby girl nursery
Crib // Buybuy Baby
Dresser // Buybuy Baby
Ottoman/Pouf // ebay
Rugs(2) // Ikea
Bedding // Buybuy Baby
Pillows // Ruffle Pillow-Home Goods (old), Arrows-Hobby Lobby
Tulle Canopy // Pottery Barn Kids
Tables // old, painted gold
Shelves // Ikea
Chandelier // Ikea
Gold Flamingo Print // Etsy
Gallery Wall Prints // I made
Hello Beautiful Picture // Hobby Lobby
Gold Frame // Ikea, painted
Bow/Headband Board: Sweet friend made
Tassel Garland: Studio Mucci
Name Banner: Gift from sweet friend for shower
Owl // Home Goods
Curtains // Pottery Barn
Wall Color // Benjamin Moore: Revere Pewter or Edgecomb Gray (we have done both of these throughout the entire house and I cannot remember which one it was)

I figured it was time to show you guys the entire nursery. Even since taking the photos a week or so ago, I have rearranged a few items and of course moved some things around. Which is typical of me on a regular basis throughout the entire house. I find myself sitting in the nursery all the time just rocking in my glider and taking it all in. Meanwhile, my little cheerleader/karate chopper is going nuts in my tummy to let me know she is right there with me too. The dogs even love her room and if they are missing, you can usually find someone in the chair and another one on the rugs. 

When creating this space, I knew I wanted an elegant, calm and serene environment. I am not kitschy, theme-y or even into crazy wall colors as every wall in my house is gray! This room was previously my office/closet (so you know giving up closet space is a HUUUGE deal for me). With that being said, I am getting more than giving up and I could not be more thrilled. Which made creating this space an absolute blast!! The room was already painted and had the shelves up so that made it a little easier when it came time to the layout and I decided that my colors would be cream, white and gold with a pop of blush/rose/baby pink as the accents. The more I kept buying stuff and adding it in there the more it just kept coming together. It is funny because I always say if things flow effortlessly, then you are usually on the right path. I feel like it is a room that she could grow into as well even as the time goes on. 

Hubs was so awesome with helping as he hung the chandelier and put the furniture together all in a weekend. I decided on 2 of the sheepskin rugs from Ikea as you can put them together and/or move them around to place where and how you like them. (Plus, sometimes my little pup thinks they're a potty pad eek, and if she ruined one then it wouldn't be such a huge loss if it were an entire large rug-lol) The pouf I bought a long time ago already stuffed so I that was an easy addition. The chair is something that can be moved out and matches all of our other furniture and I have since added a lovely banana leaf basket in the corner for blankets or toys as the time goes on. 

The bow/headband board is one of my favorite things in there. My sweet friend made it custom to match the nursery colors and what a fab idea as we know my little girl is going to be decked out in headbands galore! There is a second board hanging on the door that has all the other bright colors, blacks and seasonal ones as well! Loooove!!!! The name banner is another homemade goodie that was up at my shower and from another sweet friend! Gosh I have the BEST friends... I now have the name banner above the window and it looks absolutely adorable. The amazing diaper cake which I cannot seem to take apart as I am still obsessed with, came from the same friend as well, topped with handmade gold/cream crochet booties. (I think I need an entire post on baby girl's outfits and shoes!)

The gallery wall all started with the center picture I got from Hobby Lobby. I had seen a few of the other small prints on etsy but did not want to spend $15-20 a picture, so the crafty-girl that I am decided to make my own. I already had the cream paper, glitter paper and all the frames from Ikea or around my house and I think they came out even better than if I bought them. The tassel garland I had from a couple years ago, how lucky am I that all the colors matched?! I cut it in two and put the other half in the corner for a bit of color. The dresser also has a changing pad now and a basket for diapers and wipes right next to it. The gold moccasins are from stitches and soles and the gold sequin hanger I made a long time ago as well. I am still smitten with my shower favors the Ready to Pop box as it was one of the yummiest treats ever made by one of my best friends. 

The shelves house some of our books that have all been gifts, adorable booties from China from my brother and his fiance, the LOVE print that I made and a coming soon frame with one of her first pictures in it. 

We have been SO BLESSED! I am so grateful to be pregnant, nearing the birth of our sweet baby girl. Our families have been so generous, my clients have been amazing showing up with gifts to shower our sweet girl daily and my friends just spoiled her rotten at the showers and keep sending stuff all the time! This little girl is already loved by so many!! 

Thank you all for your sweet comments along this journey and for taking the time to read and follow along! It means the world!!

Wishing you all a wonderful day...


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Disclaimer: when she does start to sleep in her room, everything comes out of the crib and the tulle will be moved so nothing is in her reach or jeopardizing her safety! 


  1. WOW A room fit for a princess.

    Celebrating my blogs 2nd year.

    1. Thanks girlie! And congrats on your 2 years ;]

  2. I like the colour palette you chose and can see some of the decor pieces you selected being able to adorn the room for some years to come. I do however think you should put a mobile up above the baby's cot you could put it in the netting so just the baby can see if you dont want to see it in the room, I know that they do really help pre bed time xx

  3. Love the nursery! I am considering the same glider for mine - how do you like it? Are the arms bent in a weird way?

    1. Hi I was a little skeptical when I bought the chair at first but I seriously lived in it for the first 6 weeks and love it!!!! I do wish the back was taller but I am almost 6 feet tall and there were a few times I fell asleep and would have loved a higher back but I definitely recommend this chair and the price is great!!! Oh ad the arms seem fine to me ;] Good Luck!!