Friday, August 15, 2014

35 Weeks

Photographer: Gina Casey at GMC Photography
Dress: eShakti
Boots: Steve Madden old
Husband: Mine ;]

Here is a little sneak peek into our lovely maternity photo session we had a few days back. Ahhh these pictures came out AMAZING and I am so thrilled to keep going through them and pick out more to be able to share with you! 

Bump Update: 35 1/2 weeks and counting! 

Haha, its funny when you throw in the 1/2's. It's when you're in a hurry to be a teenager and again to turn 21 and then on the countdown like now when you are so excited and eager to meet your sweet little angel baby girl! 

Weeks: 35

Total Weight Gain: 24.5

Maternity Clothes: Yes and some regulars but I am not buying anything maternity anymore!

Stretch Marks: No, still lubing my belly day and night in Coconut Oil and Shea/Coco Butter

Symptoms: I have started to get really tired again in the past week/10 days. I have also experienced nausea again in the evenings and am back on ginger ale and my sea band for bed! Ugg

Sleep: Super uncomfortable at night. I wake up to go to the bathroom 1-2 times, rolling over in bed is like a beached whale in sand and my belly now needs its own pillow for support along with my body pillow! 

Exercise: Some days I feel like doing it and some days I don't. 

Best Moment This Week: Dr telling me she should NOT be a 10 pounder! My belly is measuring normal for sizing-WooHoo!!!!!

Miss Anything? YES!!! Sushi, Salty Margarita on the rocks and the ability to drink more COFFEE!! Oh and to eat at a table like a normal person. I am running out of room and it is hard to eat upright or even slightly bent over. I practically have to lean back to eat! 

Movement: She still wiggles all the time! Now her body is laying crosswise (oblique) and I am getting punched in the ribs!

Cravings: Still fruit! Nice and cold peaches, nectarines, envy apples and grapes!

Belly Button: Kinda heading out, looks a little funny in some clothes...

Wedding Rings: On

Mood: Happy until I get sick in the evenings :[

Looking Forward To: Meeting this sweet little baby girl!!

I would also like to take a minute and say 
to the 1st sweet girl in my life Chelsea!!!!! 
She is 18 today and yet will always and forever be the wild, funny, rambunctious 6 year old with pig-tails and pony's running around like a wild woman in my heart!
Wishing you the best birthday yet and cheers to many more!!!
Love you to pieces...

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  1. You look sooo absolutely gorgeous! LIke a model! :)

    xo Always, Abby

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