Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Prada or Jack Daniels?!

Gray Dog/Haley | Lump in bed/Coco | Tufted headboard w/ a popped off button I have to fix/I made similarsimilar | Striped Curtains/Overstock | Lamps/ Home Goods | Chevron Pillow Cases/I made | White Throw/Gift similar

Super Bowl Sunday, yes a million months ago my hubs took off for the day and I decided to launch an art project. I had been in love with the Prada Marfa sign ever since Gossip Girl and set out to finally make my own only due to the mere fact that it was around $300+ online for the size I wanted. 
I measured, printed letters that took me forever to blow up, cut those out and taped them on my canvas, traced everything on the canvas in pencil and then got tired. Hubs walked in the door and said wheres that going? In the garage? Totally irritated, I tossed it aside. A few days went by, I would walk by my pencil sketched canvas and still had no desire to paint or fill in the letters. I finally answered my hubs back and said this will be hanging over our bed! He quickly replied no it won't! I am not sleeping under a Praaaada Poster! ... Its a canvas! I snapped.
Deflated again, my campfire was pissed on! He said you don't let me put up whatever I want on the walls let alone above our bed. Since when did he become Mr home decorator and style police?! After all, before we moved into together, he had a picture of Jack Daniels portrait hanging above his bed. That clearly does not constitute being a decor specialist in my book. I remember distinctly telling him that's gots to go when we get a house! 
After flashing back to Jack D days, I knew he had a point. Ugg. My wheels started turning and I thought how could I still get my way and make him happy at the same time? So, I customized the sign to us. REALZ is a play on word for our last name my hubs started, we were married in Napili (Maui) and the numbers are the distance from where we live to where we were married. Problem solved.
Do you ever argue over decor with your significant other? Since when do they have an opinion on girl stuff? Sheesh...

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