Friday, June 13, 2014

Name On...

Being pregnant and carrying our little girl has been the most exciting thing I have ever experienced! I have to say, I am so grateful and feel blessed that I have been chosen to be a mother. This entire process of growth and change on a daily, weekly and monthly basis has tripped me out more than I could have ever imagined. Your body literally changes from the inside out and you bare witness to it all. Sometimes good and sometimes different we shall say. As the time moves on, you start to identify with this little being inside and want to call her a name. I sing to her in the shower, talk to her while I am driving and pet her all day long. There is such a comfort in knowing that she is with me all of the time. None of this process is easy. It is just different and more different every single day.  

However, the part that I thought would be the easiest thing on earth (insert Barbie getting her way for a name) has not been. Whaaat? Hubs has an opinion? Nooo way! Yes, he does. I mean haven't we all had names chosen since we were in high school and planned out our lives? Good thing I lost that paper... We do have one quirky kink to throw in for a name which has made it rather limited. We are currently Aaron, Barbie and Chelsea. We sign everything A, B & C. Guess what? Next name HAS to be a "D" ... I mean come on it only makes sense!

His daughter and I have created multiple lists of names over the last 6 months only for him to say no, nope, work with a company named that, don't like that person, blah blah blah! We were all out to dinner around 16 weeks and he was so stubborn that I decided instead of getting a divorce and being a single parent over the matter, we would wait and decide after the gender appointment around 20 weeks. Waiting. Waiting. Finally the gender day arrived. Excited, heels kicking up, we went in, found out she was a little girl and I was beyond thrilled! As we walked out, I peered over and he was tight lipped. We both said "ok, love you see you at home" and not another word spoken. Now, the funny part about not having/announcing a name right off the bat is everybody in town thinks they are going to name your baby! Again, what? Seriously do you all know me? (Type-A, controlling, I got it all figured out, plans everywhere) NO! You're NOT naming MY child, but thank you!! Lol 

I have had my "D" name for a loooong time! I do love it when people rattle off D names. I just smile and say oh yes, that's pretty because I do think all names are wonderful. I mean I am sure we all know someone named a D name after all. But our "D" name has come to us and is Danica Ann. From the minute we both looked at Danica last year, we knew. Honestly, it was the only thing we agreed on we just wanted to take our time and make sure. It was the boy names we had trouble with so phew, thank goodness she's a little girl! Danica is a very unique name which I looooove. The middle name Ann covers a lot of family ground for us as it is my sweet, special little nieces middle name, my wonderful, sweet kind and loving mother-in-law and also my amazingly strong, inspirational of a woman grandmother's whom recently passed away. So, let me introduce Danica Ann to you all! As I sit here and type, reading it aloud she is kicking me like crazy in approval ;]

Thank you for reading and if you are trying to name a baby, good luck!
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  1. Loving that name you picked it's pretty and girly!! Love the idea with picking a "D" name it totally makes sense to do that ;)

    Happy Friday!
    Xo Ash
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  2. Such a dainty little girls name, so sweet. Most importantly, it's special to you both.

  3. Love it lady! Unique like you!

  4. Aww, I love it! Such a cute and unique name. I'm glad you all agreed on it. :)

    xo Always, Abby