Monday, January 20, 2014


fringe handbag
coated denim paige jeans
casual leopard style
leopard sweater with white tee
leather pants
leopard sweater
Sweater | Target 
Tee | Target
Denim | Paige
Shoes | Old, love these & these
Bag | Similar 
Sunnies | Ray-Bansimilar
Watch | Michael Kors
Necklaces | Similar
Lips | MAC Creme d' Nude and Subculture Liner

Happy Monday Luvs! Don't you just love a casual Sunday, filled with basics?! I mean leopard and leather looks are basics right? These Paige coated pants are absolutely a fave right now and this is the 2nd time I have worn them in the last week. Paired with a leopard cardigan and simple white tee, made this outfit the perfect, Sunday combo. Coated denim looks shiny like leather pants, but is completely comfortable and fitting, allowing you to still breathe. Sometimes when I wear my faux leather pants, I sweat all day reminding me of Ross from Friends! I know you all saw that episode. I want to remind you that the weekend is an alright time to keep your jewels to a minimum as it gives you that dressed up but laid back look all in the same. And let's face it, sometimes less is more ;]

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday...

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  1. Your hair looks great girl. That was the first thing I noticed! I love how you make a simple outfit look perfect. And I need a pair of those coated denim pants. I know what you mean when you say faux leather makes you sweat (me too)..looking great as always :)