Sunday, September 01, 2013

30 Days...

Hello Fashionistas!

I have been thinking lately and have decided that I always love and need a new challenge so here goes... {As if training for half marathon #3 for the year is not enough}

Have you ever looked at your closet and thought I have nothing to wear!?!? Well I do that everyday and honestly, would be perfectly happy wearing something new EVERY-SINGLE-DAY! But oh so not realistic. Plus, when your closet is busting at the seems or garments falling off shelves onto you, I think you {Barbie} have a teeny problem. Here lies the challenge!!

Starting today Sept 1st, I will be wearing a completely different outfit for the next 30 days making my way through my current closet wardrobe. I will not be purchasing any new additions for the month of Sept {waaa} but instead creating from everything I already own. I challenge you to do the same. I, just like everyone else get stuck in a rut from time to time and tend to head towards my favorite/easy/comfortable outfits on the reg. Or heck, just buy a new one. But now it is time to put all my other lonely clothes to use. I will definitely post my outfit details on my Instagram {@parlorgirl} so make sure you follow to keep up to date with my daily deets. If you are not on IG well then time to get up to date and get on it ;] JK I will post through out the week here on PG but probably not every day for the month. You know time management and all, especially wife life.

I am so excited to try this! Do you think you could make 30 new outfits out of your current closet? I bet you can. I was at one of my BF's house yesterday and we were hanging out in her closet as she was trying on dresses for me and got to chatting about closet organization and wardrobe contents. As I was analyzing her space and clothes, I told her I was going to start helping other people organize their closets. I want to help make sure people have all the basics they would need for keeping their wardrobe versatile, fun, quick seasonal transitions, mix and matchable for quick grab and go, and all definitely budget friendly. Heck, I have been doing this with my sister and other BF's for years... A-Ha Moment!! {Thanks Oprah}

I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend and having a blast!

Stay tuned... 30 days of outfits coming!

Tell me honestly, do you think you could create 30 different outfits from your closet? 
I am so curious! Please share ;]



  1. i am the same way! the struggle is real, girl.

  2. This is going to be great Barbie, can't wait to see the posts! I have so many pieces in my woredrobe that I totally neglect but I do try and clean out my closet a few times a year and donate them, I absolutely hate clutter I am one of those crazy organization neat freaks lol! I might be able to do 30 different outfits in 30 days :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash

    1. Aww thanks I am totally excited! I am envious that you clean out your closet and donate often. I try, really hard, but have a tough time letting go unless it is totally out of style or maybe has something on it ;-/ I am bad! I need to get better at that. Or get a bigger closet! JK I think if I do not touch it in these 30 days and it is old then bye-bye!!

      So happy you finally got IG!


  3. can't wait to see what u come up with :) {i need to do this too!}

    XO Meghan

  4. I have the exact same problem, I always think I have nothing to wear but I think this is a great idea as you can find hidden gems you forgot about :) Looking forward to what you style up!

  5. I CAN'T wait to see the outfits!! I cleaned out & gutted my closet this past weekend & found so many cute pieces I'd forgotten about. I think that this is a great idea & I might try it out next month :)