Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trendy Tuesday: Party of Two or One


Hello Lovelies... I hope you all had a stellar weekend!

I am happy to confess that I am thankful for the arm party to be over. The reason being is that when I wash hair at work, there are times my entire party gets doused and then I have water dripping towards my elbow when finished. I have been slowly getting away from the party anyways as it is easier and lighter with one or two friends on board. 

I prefer the solo pieces that are a mix of materials. Remember to keep mixes to two types of materials like leather and gold or plastic and metal. If you still would like to double deck than the same rules apply. I love the look of mixed metals for doubles and a daintier sort of pair {like 1 & 2 together}.

Are you over the large parties? Were you ever on board? 

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I'm lovin some arm candy right now!!


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  2. Love #1 and 2! I was never a fan of wearing a tone of bracelets. One or two and that was enough for me!! Have a lovely Tuesday girl!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  3. Hi Parlor Girl!
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    Congrats and keep blogging! - Carrie Barth

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