Friday, May 31, 2013

Being YOU...

Today I would like to talk a little about individuality. 

But first a little history...
I have been blogging now for a couple of years. It was not as consistent until as of recent but I still managed to cruise through my favorites even if I went in and out of posting or simply did not have the time. {Which on a side note, I love getting Bloglovin updates and if you haven't started using Bloglovin then you better. It is a phenomenal place to organize all of your blogs in a one-stop-shop!} 

Anyways back to the point... 

I received an email sent to me the other day asking this:
I am having a hard time financially keeping up with all of these ever changing fashion trends and I see every blogger practically look the same these days. Any suggestions or thoughts? ~Budget Fashionista

My heart instantly sank... I totally understood where she was coming from. I too find it funny that you click from blog to blog and practically see the same stuff but with different heads. We all know like in fashion houses, that there are heavy hitters {bloggers with huge followings/high end fashion houses}, then the middle people {medium size blogs/larger high end retailers} followed up with us tiny peeps {small following/smaller fashion stores that are not over priced but still similar looking wardrobes at a fraction of the costs} I am not saying I am cheap or look cheap or heck even think like that I am just laying some ground and analogies. I too agree and think there are a lot of bloggers out there that all look the same and dress the same. Which is completely fine if that works for them. We do not know what others budgets or lives are like. Just as with everyday life or a stroll through the mall, you can typically see everyone in Mint for a couple months, wedge tennies everywhere or colored denim. Bloggers are no different than everyday life. You just see them all in one place-online. As a blogger, we are just trying to give you inspiration while doing what we love. If everybody follows suit, then let them. It does not mean you HAVE to do the same. I have some favorites that are completely individualistas as I call them which I love to see. They are actually my favorites and do not have the largest followings. But then I absolutely LOVE individual style...

I do not ever want you to feel like you need an entire outfit that any of us bloggers wear. I know we all live on a budget of sorts and yet still want to be trendy and in style at the same time. As I have said before, I always encourage you to closet shop your own closet first and try pairing new colors together, new prints or different textures. Then pick pieces and parts you like from other people/bloggers as inspiration and add your own flair to it. 

I started all of this because this is what I love. I love to shop. I love to window shop. I love to computer shop. I love to buy. I love retail therapy. I love helping my friends pick out things to wear for events, weddings, or just plain helping them shop for new jeans. And what not a better way to share my love than with all of you to hopefully inspire you in a new way. 
It is fine if trends come in and we all like statement necklaces or wedge tennis shoes or polka printed denim. But look at you deeply and know that if you wore wedge tennies that you may feel they are enough with regular skinnies where as I would wear them with my camo skirt or bright flashy GAP skimmers. Know YOU and your comfort and it will come through in your wardrobe and the confidence YOU exude walking down the street. Always remember to be YOU first. We can not be other people, just ourselves. And each and every one of us are AMAZING! 

I feel blessed and grateful I even have one follower let alone all the wonderful ones of you that I do have. With that being said I want to remind all of you to be YOU!
I also want you to now that I work full-time, have a husband whom is very sweet and generous and yet I still love to shop for less expensive versions of clothes. I do have a few nice things in my closet but my love for fashion changes on a whim so I too must have a budget and be realistic. 

My advice back to Budget Fashionista was make a list of colors you like, styles and some of the key trends. You can always wear basic colored boyfriend tees with everything and cut your old jeans into shorts. Old Navy has a lot of great stuff that is J Crew look-a-like and search for less expensive, trend items in places like Group Dealz, Brina Box or Forever 21. I even follow a couple people on IG like Luxe Craving and Brina Box who have similar looks and items for way cheaper. We do not need to pay top dollar to look put together or on trend.
Put together is knowing your own style and wearing that proudly on a daily basis. 

Heck I even went shopping at JC Penney the other day with the hubs. 
Barbie does not discriminate against fashion ;]

Remember to be YOU... Everybody else is taken and YOU are beautiful! 

I hope you all have an outstanding day!!!!
I would like to give an extra special shout out to one of my FAVORITE people on the planet... 
My AMAZING sister Bonnie! She is the strongest, most incredible Mom, gave birth to her third baby while her husband was in Afghanistan, is completely fearless, outspoken, brilliant, beautiful, my BIGGEST supporter and fan and I want to say 
from the bottom of my heart!!!

My sister is a prime example of rocking her own individual style. She says I am "flashy" I call her "REI" so she would never be caught in wedge tennies {she knows her style} and you would never see me in Danskos... Lol JK

*sorry for the short novel*


  1. I ABSOLUTELY loved this post girl! Very well said and I agree 100% with you!! You don't have to buy the fancy expensive clothing to look trendy!! You and your sister are so cute, I couldn't imagin having a husband that is in Afghanistan but that just makes your sister that much more of a stronger person and I really get inspired by people like your her!

    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  2. such a sweet post, and a great reminder. thank you!