Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bay to Breakers

Ran with my two fun friends and we had a blast!
The city was sleepy and quiet as we rode BART in at o'dark 30~ {up at 3:15 am}
Love my Athleta pants especially in Smurf blue and I made our tanks with puff paint for fun! Although our lovely fanny packs and bibs covered the gorgeous art work...
Let the strangeness begin... The tiger person doing push-ups
My free cape! Then I realized I am sporting a Dos Equis cape at a run-Oxymoron?!

Tons and tons of people started filling the streets
Totally got photo bombed

Whats up with my dorky lips?!

Tortillas flying through the air

Looking back~there were thousands of people

Here we go...
See all the tortillas on the ground they were all zipping through the air!

Running through the city was amazing. SF is usually so busy that it was really neat to take it all in by foot

Turning left to head up Hayes Street hill which I felt like it was nothing. But I run hills all around where I live

I am a nerd

People heading up the hill

Look at all the people! It was incredible

Trying to get a shot looking back as people filled the streets still to the bottom, but the sun was bright

We needed a drink stop in Golden Gate Park ;] and saw a waterfall too!

The park was green and gorgeous and I loved the big trees

I'm gonna run around the tree

A GORGEOUS finish at Ocean Beach! And what a phenomenal day in the city. 

Bay to Breakers is San Francisco's historic race that is 100 plus years in the running {literally}!
It is one of the oldest and largest foot races with a distance of 12k {7.46 miles} and runs a course from the Bay Bridge, through the streets all the way out to the ocean where the waves break-hence the name Bay to Breakers
This race is a celebration for everyone. You will have serious athletes like me jk, normal runners, costumed people galore, or lack of costumes and clothing all together lol, young, old, kids, walkers and pretty much most of the city is participating. There were DJ's along the way in front of homes, live bands, people with lemonade stands and a ton of cheerleaders. 
The city was electric and vibrating on a level of amazing energy! 
Everybody was happy-high and I think I still might be feeling a little of that. 
Hands down it was the MOST fun race I have ever done! If you live near SF I highly recommend participating next year. 
P.S. The weather was AMAZING! To me the city is always cold and it was practically 70 degrees at the end. I ran in my tank the entire way too..... 

Thank you to both of my wonderful friends! All the laughs, chit chats and big eyeballs will be forever cherished ;] hehehehe....



  1. It looks like you girls had a blast! Great pictures :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash

    1. Thanks it was a total blast! Most fun race I have done yet!!!

  2. Good for you, girl!Congratulations!

  3. Love all the pics. This run sounds fun! I'm thinking about doing it next year :-) have a lovely day