Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Workout Wednesday: Old Navy Active

old navy active workout clothes

1 $27, 2 $27, 3 $17, 4 $11 5 $10, 6 $16, 7 $20, 8 2 for $5

I popped into Old Navy the other day {again} and got interrupted by their Active wear. I must say I am a total Lulu fan but was pretty amazed when I went to try on some Old Navy workout gear. They have really improved their clothes not only in style but fabric and tailoring. The pants fit great, made the booty look awesome, the tops are a little big but if you go down a size or two you will be fine and I loved their bras. I am super picky with sports bras. I usually buy Champion because they have wider straps that are more comfortable and I wear two at a time. I tried the one on above at Old Navy and bought it-for $10 it was a steal. Now, it does say padded so I just pulled those little puppies out as I need no padding! And love their cheap little flip flops for shower shoes, pedicures or dog pottying! You cannot go wrong with 2/$5.
Most of these items are on sale or marked down on clearance as well. So take your time and look through the clearance {our store is awesome on a weekday morning or lunch time}. If you order online, they always have deals for free shipping and discounts off all the time too.

Off to run!

Have you been running? Working out? Enjoying the outdoors?

Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. The gym is my time to relax, love it!! And I know for sure...the right clothing items can make a huge difference in how motivated I am to go or not...great post!

  2. Stores like Old Navy and Forever 21 are really starting to improve their fitness collection! I always to workout more when I have cuter clothes... not sure why but it helps to get me in the gym!

  3. I've been wanted to find some more work out clothes, and those are super cute and reasonably priced! Thanks!