Thursday, March 07, 2013

Sunless Winter Skin

This time of year has me wishing for SUN!
Not only for the warmth but for my skin! Shh don't tell my esthetician just kidding. However, all kidding aside, the sun a tan just plain makes me feel better. Actually, I was able to squeak a dog walk in on Tuesday and a 5 mile run outside that both felt great to have some natural sun warming my bones. 

Here are a few items that I love to help me get through the end of winter...
Loreal Sublime Bronze

Favorite at home self tanner. I have had a hard time finding the Gelee {which is the BEST} so I have bought the lotion as of late but let me tell you it has 134,987 sparkles in it! Yes, my niece would have thought I was crowned as a sparkle fairy-too cool, except that I am 35 and well we all know what sparkles mean at that age anywhoo! The scent is totally minimal and almost feels velvety as you apply.
Sublime Bronze is AMAZE!!! 
New word cuz I am using it ALL the time!!

Fake Bake Flawless {must have the mitt}

Some self tanners can be brutal to apply and leave your hands looking like an oompa loompa. This one is AMAZE ;] as you spray it on the mitt and wipe. Flawless application. The only thing I recommend is spraying the mitt over the sink or tub not just in the air as some tan particles will fly off and leave a bit of debris or tan tattle tale. The scent reminds me of Hawaii. I put it on at night, sleep, shower it off and then I am a brown beach goddess in the morning. This will be a darker application than the Sublime Bronze. I keep both on super stock at my house. 

Here are my facial products that I absolutely could not live without...
Loreal BB Cream

I love this stuff. Perfect for heading out to the gym, run errands or simply under your regular foundation routine. The scent is barely there, it feels SUPER light and gives your skin that perfectly blended look without the cake-y makeup feel for those of you that are anti-foundation. Don't be alarmed, it comes out white but as you emulsify it, the molecules somehow turn it into a skin-tan color. I use the medium. 

These are my skin products for those of you that have asked. I use the Age Management line because I was an idiot in my twenties and tanned all the time. Sometimes I fall off the tanning wagon but mostly when I am on Vacay.

I also believe in getting peels. I usually do a 6-week series once a year sometimes twice. Those leave my skin in its best form ever. 

Do you use self tanners? Which ones? What about your skincare regime? Any favorites?

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


  1. Thanks for sharing these great products.

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  2. Just found your site! Perfect timing because I've been looking for a new/good tanning product. Good to know! Super cute blog!