Tuesday, March 19, 2013


overall style ideas


I thought it was a little ironic when I found {3} yes THREE pairs of overalls the other day that were mine in high school as I consolidate boxes in our garage. I was so excited that I immediately threw them in the wash and then followed them up with a place in the denim area of my closet.

I started to peck around and whoa sally-Overalls are back in the saddle!
Ok maybe not saddle but all over street style, seen in Paris during fashion week and for purchase by some pretty big names. I will stick to my oldies because I have two washes in the pants and a shorts set-I am already dialed in. But if you feel like hopping on the trend here are some of my faves.

Styling Tips:
  • Wear a any kind of feminine top to balance the masculinity out
  • Avoid anything country with them {No plaid, boots or shirtless jk}
  • Wear heels or really girlie flats. This will help make them more intentional and sexy other than lazy and tomboy
  • Add a fun colored handbag or cross body 
  • Add your wedge tennies, roll up the legs {peg for those of you that were 90's kids ;]} and a sexy tank for a Sunday stroll
  • The shorts style is a better option if you are vertically challenged or curvy

Happy Tuesday...
Would you wear Overalls? Do you still have your Overalls? Which ones would you buy?


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