Sunday, December 02, 2012

An Ark and a Twig

First let me start off by saying that I slept till 8:15 today! I have not slept till 8 in YEARS- I cannot even remember its been that long...

Which is kind of weird because I thought we were going to float away last night and wake up in a sea like the movie Waterworld with Kevin Costner. Holy Moly it was pouring all night and this morning like it never missed a beat! I immediately called my Dad to thank him for caulking all our windows before the big paint job and we laughed at the sideways rain. Well I laughed, he was upset due to fallen trees, lack of power, flooded roads and the inability to leave town so I refrained from telling him that I had just filled my second cup o' morning fuel and cranked the heater up to 73... Shhhh... Then as I continued to peer outside obsessively watch, I wondered if we were in need of an Ark?

{Looking out the office window I swear the street was flooding behind us and it was POURING off the roof like I was in and under a waterfall...}
{I was looking up weather for my Dad and I came across this! I have never seen red, still not sure what it is/was and had to share because it simply looked bad LOL}
{So teen and I got dressed and headed out to the gym at 11! Yikes where did the day go?!}
{Knee is feeling better (silently praying and stretching ALL the time) so I did the elliptical. 
Listen to this: 50 mins, 5 miles and 700 calories
  bwahahahaha I don't trust that thing for a second. 
The time is correct though ;]
 Glad to be back in the Asics forgot how comfy they are and then I thought if I were to burn those calories everyday I'd be a TWIG! JK but I think I will get the foot attachment for my garmin *hint hint* 
Christmas stocking stuffer...}
{Then we devoured Subway! Seriously who doesn't LOVE Subway?! My sister-in-law is vegetarian now and I noticed today that Subway has a new vegetarian sandwich with falafels-Cool-but I will still take the meat!}
{Ended up with this little ensemble from Bath and Body Works and 6 Wall Flowers that are flooding my nostrils as I type.}
Overall it was a fun day with the teen! I took her shopping as a thank you for chores and good attitude!

What did you do this weekend? I would love to hear! 
Gym? Christmas Shopping? Baking? Snuggling?

Wishing you a great week!!!!


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