Tuesday, November 13, 2012

No Wobble for the Gobble

Registered the youngen and I today, for the Turkey Trot here in town on Thanksgiving morning. I am sure she is REALLY gonna love me come 6am on Thanksgiving morning. Ill remind her I have special Christmas powers if she gives me any teen-tude jk shes actually a trooper. 
Our Turkey Trot is awesome as it raises money to help support our County's Food Bank and local public schools not to mention promotes a healthy start to your day.
I am getting super excited about Turkey Day as I finally divided out all the dishes today. Now I need to email the orders to the appropriate families. That leaves me with nothing, see how it works? You host, act like you're in charge and delegate! 
Well actually I have a few things on my mind to make ;] Therefore I have to run that morning to keep the wobble off from my extreme gobble...

Had a great run this morning, just a 3 but it felt wonderful. I need to up my music ante though. As soon as I am done here I am going to redesign a playlist. Ill post later to share some of my upbeat faves. Gonna go back to this little friend as my dang iphone keeps leaping out of my arm band and/or I get calls my entire run and it irks me lol.

Found some fabulous recipes today over here. Stuft Mama is super inspiring and whips up the best desserts. Tonight I am making Pumpkin and I some ice cream with dark choc topping-Yum! I can hardly wait. And it super low calorie too. Will share later as well.

{Happy Tuesday}

{Had to take my phone out to scream at breathlessly tell my sister I was running (sorry sis)-good photo op tho}

{Dorkin around running errands in my champion top here...}

Are you going to participate in your local Turkey Trot? Have any good low cal dessert recipes to share? I'd love to hear!

Have a great evening!!!

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