Thursday, October 25, 2012

Casa REAL Hall

Do you ever wonder why people have nicknames or better yet how they acquired them? Well I grew up in a family with nicknames and shortcuts for almost every single person around us. In fact to this day, when my siblings and I now call each other, 
our nicknames have morphed into a squeaky-lip-air-peelout 
kind-a-noise (similar to how Darryl Hannah announced her name in Splash)
Now that I am married, Pumpkin, my step-daughter and I actually pass each other in the hall, answer questions in the car or simply blast out a warm greeting in the same funny noise.  
Anyhoo... Strange lil tangent I went off on!
However, when it comes to the house we refer to our home as Casa Real... 
Real is part of our last name and therefore has been a play on words with Pumpkin for years and I have since adopted it now and use it frequently too. 
If you see my pin boards here Parlor Girl Pinterest you will see that Real is on a number of different things of mine! So now that you know that "Real Hall" or "Real Wedding" just means that they are "ours"... Which in essence is the REAL thing ;]

Coco is always wandering around trying to help me. Our entire wall space started out in a subtle creamy color. I will refrain from telling you what Pumpkin called it...

I am not normally an accent wall person but I did love the Roasted Sepia color and after painting one side I knew our small hall could not handle anymore. She is our only dark wall in the house and accent wall as well. The Roasted Sepia is a Green/Gray/Brown it really goes well with all of our other gray and beige tones

Coco cruising back out not willing to help paint

You can see up towards the top of the left wall, those ugly wires that once belonged to a non-working door bell. We retired that entire ensemble and patched it up quickly

Supplies all ready to go

Here she is in all her glory! 
We enlarged {9} pictures from our wedding and bought the white matching frames from Ikea. 
We then used Velcro picture hanging strips fastened to the top two edges of each frame. 
I know what you are thinking: 
1-Not sure how they are going to come off (I have a feeling they will tear the paint lol) 
2-Yes we both have slight (Pump more than me) OCD. This way he or I would not be adjusting them EVERY single day and my niece and nephew could come over and not get hurt too (Or drag their hands along the walls and make em all cock-eyed!)
P.S. I love how detailed Pumpkin is with measurements! 
He got those frames PRECISE!!!
He also switched out the recessed lighting and added the crown molding too!
What a good little Pumpkin...

Side Note: Still looking for a table or something more for the end of the hall

Have you done anything cool or different with a hall? Or any wall in your home?


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