Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 30. Bangin'

Going out with a BANG!! Literally...

(Day 30 Bangs)

Well here you go, the 30th day!!! Out with a BANG!!! LoL 

No, I did not cut my hair. I bought the clip in Jessica Simpson bangs (you can get here). Oh and such a dorky picture to top it off as well. It was fun to have bangs for the day but I am SO glad they were temporary as they were tickling my eyes all day. Believe me I have been teetering on whether or not to cut them and thank goodness I did not. To get them to sit just right on my hair line I probably could have trimmed them a tad but really didn't want to mess around with them. So back into the package they will go and sit until Halloween ;]

Thanks again for your sweet emails!!!

Bang, Bang!!

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