Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beach Bag Essentials

These last two weeks have been a challenge but my light is at the end of the tunnel. Spring Break and Vacation are right around the corner. Yippee! I kicked a gnarly sinus infection to the curb, have settled well into my new digs for work (loving it) and am ready for some much needed rest and relaxation. Bags are packed, beach items are rearing to go, just have a few more of my favorite clients to beautify and then catch a jet plane to my beloved islands in paradise.

Beach and Beauty Essentials:
{Straw Tote: Makes it easy to shake off the sand.}

{Jan Marini SPF 30: BEST sunscreen for face, re-apply ALL day.}

{Cover Girl Tinted Moisturizer in darkest shade: Keeps your face from looking white from sunscreen.}

{Burt's Bees Lifeguard's Choice Lip Balm: AWESOME for your lips at the beach.}

{Banana Boat SPF 30: A MUST :)}

{Maui Babe Lotion: A local secret in achieving that "Bronze Goddess" island look.}

{Damask Towel: Love this print, a must for laying on it all day.}

{Pretty Little Liars Series: Yes, teen novels and I am hooked! They are fun and make the time fly.}

{Pink ipod Shuffle: Thanks to my sister, a lovely Birthday gift makes it easy to have beach tunes.}

{Black Straw Hat: Perfect for keeping sun off your face.}

{Tory Burch Sunglasses: Newest addition to my sunglass family. Love them!}

{Alterna Caviar Beach Spray: For that extra "Ocean/Beachy" look. Enhances your natural curl.}
{Hawaii Water: STAY HYDRATED!}

Wishing everyone a great Easter weekend.
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