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Bikini Body Guide Results: BBG 36 Weeks / 3 Rounds

I have completed 36 weeks of BBG 36 or 3 Rounds as they call it! Wow, wow, wow!!!

When I started this fitness journey, I told myself that I was sticking to this program for a year. I almost trip out when I think that in December, it will be a year of consistently doing the BBG program. I was going to start at the New Year this last January and thought why not get a jump on it and start in December?! After all, I knew I was turning 39 on December 31st, so I figured this would be a great way for me to feel and look my best while entering 40!

I cannot stress enough that BBG is easy to do at home. Whether you are a busy mama or working professional, it only takes 30 minutes and is super effective. Most people fall off though and never reap any of the results and benefits.

parlor girl BBG 36 week results fitness transformation
(all unedited pics!!)

4 weeks was a good start, 8 weeks my hips started slimming and I was definitely in the groove, 12 weeks was probably my smallest weight so far and leanest, but my muscles were flat and dry looking. 
I started skipping pictures and can't find the randoms in between but look at my quad in the last one at 36 weeks Woohoo the legs are beginning to take more shape and my calories are about 400 more a day. I am still the same weight as when I started but my body is changing shape. 

Progression is everything you guys. 

Take it slow and steady. 

Nothing big happens overnight. Not even weight gain. 

Each persons goals and desires for their body are totally personal to them and their particular journey. For instance my start or 4 week photo may seem as if nothing more is needed to some and it may also seem overweight to others. 

That is OK! Because it's my life and journey and what I desire or you desire for your body is just that "It's YOURS" and always remember that. 

Your own personal trouble spots are yours. You own personal sweet spots I call them (the areas that are always great) are yours! Enjoy them. Love them. Honor the good and bad because it is what makes you YOU. 

Is my body perfect? NO! And I do not expect it to be. I want to be agile, walk with my husband and daughter and live healthy. 

Nutrition is another HUGE aspect of changing your body. Stay tuned for another post as I will share what I eat in a day.

The BBG app also has a food plan in app you can follow as well. I mean can it get any easier other than Kayla coming over and walking you through it?!

This post is full of juicy info all about BBG and how I do it. So I will not bore you by repeating the same old story. I also included my previous BBG posts down at the bottom for quick reference as well.

The biggest changes I have noticed at this point so far:
-increased energy and stamina
-more strength for lifting weights
-decrease in body fat
-stomach is flatter
-less love handles
-thinner/leaner and more defined legs
-obliques popping through
-mental strength/can do attitude
-feel more confident in clothes/swimwear

Things I would like to work on more:
-popping my shoulders out (lift heavier)
-building out my quads more (eating and heavier lifting)
-overall leanness (totally diet based)

Overall I am very pleased with my results after 36 weeks. There have been times it was hard AF to get thru a workout, times I actually gave up, times I felt like I could run 300 miles without stopping and times I thought I could squat a horse.

The most important take away is CONSISTENCY.

Thats all friends.

Each and every day is a different journey so give it your all, whatever that may be that day and know you did your best.

Move on.


parlor girl BBG fitness transformation results 36 weeks
start -----------------------------36 weeks

As always, if you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to reach out♡

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Thanks for reading... xx PeeGe

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