Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Key to Finding YOUR-self

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I am not going to lie... I am 39 years old and I learn something new about life every single day!

I was driving along the other day and had the radio blasting my 80's music. Then a thought hit me like a freight train.

I have been struggling lately. Like a lot. I have not felt like myself. Yet it is really hard to put a finger on exactly why. I second guess all of my choices as if I were trying to make some other person happy but yet doing so on pins and needles as well. So annoying.

Then I decided to mind slap my brain and yelled wake up. You cannot, will not and have no way of making others happy if you do not first make yourself happy.

And then, something clicked like a mofo.
As Oscar Wilde so brilliantly stated, "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."
The day you find out who YOU are, is the day you start to be yourself!

Growing up, I had amazing parents that encouraged us to do everything our hearts desired from horseback lessons, playing musical instruments, every team sport there was, camping, traveling and knowing when to take mental health days (thx mom!). 

However, you would think that having been empowered to do so much, I would be great at something and totally fulfilled beyond happiness. Lol Sounds like an ungrateful brat right?!


My point is, there are those people that did swimming their whole life and then went to the Olympics. People who played Dr at 3 and continued on to med school. I have never thought I was going to be just one thing. 


Have you?

Cold brew coffee drinking would be a pretty cool gig tho lol

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parlor girl the key to finding you

In this crazy new world of reality TV, blogging, social media and your entire life in front of thousands of people, it is real easy to start to blend in and sort of be like everyone else.

Losing your identity and who YOU are.

For example: Everyone likes gold, you like gold. Everyone has all white kitchens, now you need an all white kitchen. Maybe you want black tho?! Everyone has a small "it" bag, but you like a large wallet that would not even come close to fitting in it. Everyone is wearing one-piece swimsuits so you cram your almost 6 foot body in one only to reveal an 80's thong, leotard look-a-like. Everyone is jumping off cliffs... Are you jumping too??!!

Wake up!!


Guess what? Trying to be other people is boring as hell. And super un-fulfilling. You will be let down in many ways over and over by trying to be someone you are not.

What is OK is gathering inspiration from others, whether it's fashion, home decor, recipe ideas, hair, beauty and fitness-these are absolutely wonderful and OK. But when you try to copy their lifestyles, fall in love with THEIR life and not YOURS, you will come up short, time and time again. Leaving you feeling sad, depressed and less than.

So instead of feeling those crappy feelings, love YOUR life.

Be you, because YOU are amazing. I actually have a tattoo on my wrist from MANY moons ago of a B. And it stands for B YOU. Weird huh...

You are one-of-a-kind, unique, special, amazing, have your own likes, dislikes, special and incredible qualities and traits, strengths and weaknesses. There are so many amazingly wonderful things about YOU. And guess what? It is OK to be different and stand out.

But how do I find these things you might ask?

Trust yourself, sit in silence and ask yourself what is it YOU like, desire and want to do. Only you can answer those things.

Be present and patient.

The key to finding YOU is within YOU. You just have to ask and listen for your answer.

One way that has helped me immensely is keeping a Gratitude Journal. I write 5 things I am grateful for in the morning and evening each and every day. I try hard to come up with new things. And you would be surprised how this small exercise not only makes you feel fulfilled, but the best part is you start to see how blessed you are within your own life.

Lastly, LOVING yourself is HUGE!!

Game changer in fact.

I get told so often, you aren't fat, have perfect this and that, the perfect life etc...

People wake up!! Nobody on earth is perfect. There is absolutely no such thing. If there was perfection, there would be no room for growth!!

Truth: I have stretch marks on my sides, wrinkles on my face, a gap on the side of my teeth, freckles and moles galore, total sun abuser in the 20s, a deep rumbly laugh, cellulite that I am fascia blasting like a mofo, my hubs drives me ape shit sometimes, my kid grinds my nerves, the college kid seems to only call when $ is needed, I have 3 demanding dogs, 2 jobs, dishes in the sink... Need I go on?

My point is: we are all in the same boat. My life is not any better than yours, my neighbors or the person in another state.

Instead of focusing on your flaws, embrace them. Know that they are what make you special and unique-one of a kind!!

My life is MY life and yours is YOURS! Love the life YOU have💘and you will find the key to YOURself...

Thanks for reading... xxPeege

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