Monday, June 26, 2017

Fashion Faves for the 4th of July

I am one of those super in the "holiday spirit" people, especially when the 4th of July comes around.

My co-worker is so cute as she asked if it was OK to start putting up her 4th of July decor a couple weeks ago... Love her!!

Growing up, we always had huge 4th of July parties or were down at our mining claim and all of our parents had enormous get-togethers, so my love for this summer holiday continues.

I ALWAYS love to have a red, white or blue swimsuit and of course matching shorts, tops and even my little will rock the same stuff! We usually go to the parade, then lounge by the pool with friends and then of course you need something long-sleeved for the cooler evening. I tend to always wear something red, white or blue and love love love stars and stripes.

>>Also, if you want a fun pool or party play list, I use pandora and type 4th of July in and I swear it is THE best summer music for the holiday...

If you prefer to not wear the stars, stripes, red, white and blue, then you could always stick to denim or a little white summer dress with a red sandal or red lip for a bit of spirit. Stripes are great and a denim jacket is fun to add for evening. If you are hella bah-humbug well do us all a favor and stay home. We don't want your negative BS energy around to sink ours in any way shape or form!! #keepinitreal #proudtobeamerican

What are you guys doing for the 4th??

Here are some of my absolute 4th of July fashion faves:

Thanks for reading... xxB

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