Friday, March 17, 2017

feature friday: @activelyrees

Happy St. Patricks Day & Friday sweet friends!

Last month blew right on by and I completely spaced my feature Friday-I am so sorry. I thought that since I have now completed 12+ weeks of BBG, that I would share one of my major fitness inspirations within the BBG community for you all today.

Welcome: Nikki Rees or aka: @activelyrees on instagram. The first thing that pulled me in was she is in my age range (within 4yrs lol). I feel that something like that is huge for me to be able to relate to a woman of a similar age with similar body mechanics, a mother that has given birth, a wife that is busy and running a household being a mother.

Her positivity and personality really shine through and make you feel like you are somehow old friends. Her enthusiasm for life and the BBG program also helps to make you feel like you can keep on going, that it is OK to have Champs and a free meal or free day, that if you gave up on the last exercise you're not alone and most importantly, start fresh tomorrow. Just an all around inspiration and strong, positive role model for being a healthy you!
big actively rees

As a female who is almost 6 feet tall, I grew super tall the summer between 6th and 7th grade. Because of that I got stretch marks up both of my sides that I have been more than self conscious about over the years. I once had a girl (we are no longer friends) tell me that I looked like freddy kruger scraped my sides. Nikki also has stretch marks as I am sure most of us women out there do. She still looks absolutely beautiful in her fitness clothes, bikinis, crop tops and does not try to hide them. I just love her self confidence, determination and funny personality. And if you ever listen to her-that accent!! OMG I always wished I had a fun accent growing up.!!

Now at 39, I no longer hide my stretch marks.  And if you have them, who cares!! There is no such thing as perfection my friends. Some of us have scars on the outside, some on the inside. No matter what, shine bright and love yourself. I feel that is what really shines through with Nikki is her self-love and I admire that. You do not and should not exercise, better your body, mind and soul for anyone other than YOU. If you do not do you, then you lose you!!

Thanks for reading... xxB

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