Monday, February 13, 2017

f i v e things to love about this week

Happy Monday Friends! I had no idea today's post was going to be what it is until I was literally typing it this morning. You could say, I had an incredible weekend of human interaction with all of my family and loved ones and that is definitely what sparked all of this today. Wishing you all an amazing Monday...

1. connect with nature //
connect with nature good for the soul

Being smack dab in the middle of winter can make it a little tricky to get connected with nature.

I urge you to get outside at least 5 minutes a day (preferably longer) to smell the air, feel the wind, rain or snow on you and listen to the birds, airplanes and running water. There is something so soothing about spending a couple minutes a day in nature for your body, mind and soul!

We took advantage of the break from rain on Sunday and took the baby and dogs for a walk. Our skies were blue, the creeks were running, grasses all green and planes and birds were everywhere! Not to mention, it smelled so amazing.

Honestly, I take advantage of nature as much as possible. When I take the dogs out at night I look up at all the starts and moon and thank them for such gorgeous constellations, I always get the mail when it rains. I mean what else are Hunter Boots for ;) I love to listen for birds everywhere and there are rose bushes all along our neighborhood walk that Miss D and I ALWAYS stop and smell. Small things in life can really make a big difference in your day to day life.

2. gratitude // did you know that if you start and end each day with gratitude, you will experience feeling more positive in everything you do, more apt to show compassion and kindness, have better relationships, improved sleep and have a healthier immune system!

The minute my alarm goes off, I practice my attitude of gratitude and the same goes right before my eyes close for sleep. I also have another morning ritual I do (more on that later) and I write all the things I am grateful for in a journal, daily. How cute are these:

3. love your life // I see in person, a lot of people daily. With that you always get the inquisitors I call them. They ask questions and want to know about you, your life, life in general and so forth. The most recent one I am asked a lot is, am I freaked out about turning 40?! I remember when my parents turned 40, it seemed so old right??!! However, I still feel 25, think more clearly, love to be in my own skin and am comfortable there and have the same answer I did for people when I turned 30. I do not regret a thing I have ever done. I have done a lot in life and am grateful (there it is) for every single experience, connection and thing that has come into my life. Therefore I am so comfortable and happy with right where I am. In fact, I feel better now than I ever have. Having that confidence and comfort is priceless. So I urge you to live your life and LOVE your life because it makes you who you are. And let me tell you, time flies!! LoL

4. connect/disconnect // 
connect: we all need more human interaction. Now more than ever, especially in an age of massive tech and social media, I highly urge you all to get out and connect with your loved ones. I don't mean you have to go to extravagant places, but get out from behind those screens for a few. Take a walk, look them in the eye while talking, just being in the same room while unplugged is key for human connection.

disconnect: this goes hand-in-hand with connecting. Social media is highly addictive. Did you know that the average person looks at their phone up to 150 times a day?! That's insane. I was talking with my sis this weekend and she asked if I could give up social media?... I thought for a few and because of work I cannot but what we came up with was scheduling times for it like everything else in life to create more balance, peace, connection and happiness.

5. send good vibes // last but definitely not least, please send good vibes to the Oroville Dam area. Not only do we have multiple, wonderful family friends that have been evacuated, my brother-in-law is special forces and his entire airmen group has been deployed up there as emergency resources. Prayers, good vibes, whatever your cup of tea please send it that way...  If you want to help, you can always donate to the Red Cross. My mom and her husband are huge into working with and for them and they really do help a ton!

Happy Thoughts, Happy Life!!!

Thanks for reading... xxB

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