Monday, January 23, 2017

f i v e things to love about this week

5 things to love about this week finding inner peace parlor girl

1. 3-tips for finding inner peace...
1/ meditate: this helps to clear and calm your mind
2/ be present: live in the moment, look around, smell, listen and feel what is going on
3/ forgive: forgiveness is powerful. sending forgiveness to an old friend, family member or bad situation, can free you up immensely and provide such amazing freedom

2. silver spoons... did you know that placing the handle of a silver spoon in an open champagne bottle can preserve the bubbles?! My friend showed this to us on New Years Eve and it literally worked!! It even lasted for a couple more days as I poured myself another glass of champs with lots of bubbles to sip. They say, you learn something new every day!

3. TV shows... we must sound like TV junkies at times, but I swear we are not. Amazon has two that we recently checked out and loved. The first one was Sneaky Pete which was good and exciting and kept you on the edge of your seat and we are now on Hand of God. It has Clay from Sons of Anarchy in it. So good!!

4. winter boots... how adorable are these beauties that will not only keep your toes warm but in style too... can you say color crush!!

5. swim fever... this suit is absolutely adorable! the back laces and ties and it also comes in black! I just ordered both... eek, so excited I need a sunny vacation now

Thanks for reading... xxB

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