Friday, January 20, 2017

copper home decor: 16 pieces to incorporate copper decor into your home

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Copper, grey and blush are my three faves for my home decor, color palette.

With home decor, it's important to always have a neutral and in this case, grey is mine. From there I always like a bit of blush pink as it keeps a touch of femininity in the decor pallet and lastly copper for an accent. I also love to use creams and whites as well but consider those neutrals.

Thank goodness this lovely color is gaining momentum in the world of decor. Lately, I have seen copper pieces at Target, World Market, West Elm and even Nordstrom that are more than gorgeous for adding to your home parlor. It really does not take much to spruce up your style with this pinky gold metal I call it.

Here are 3 simple ways to add a touch of copper decor into your home.

1. start small by adding candles, pillows or champagne flutes

2. these stay around a little longer and are a little more committal like having copper flatware, a copper tea kettle, blanket basket and cutting boards

3. lastly, these are pieces that are parking in your home for awhile, these copper bar stools are to die for and this lamp is super gorgeous (I have a copper lamp in my office) and this side table I am seriously lusting over

Do you have any copper pieces yet?

You can click on each photo and you will be taken directly to the item online...

Thanks for reading... xxB

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