Sunday, December 04, 2016

holiday gift guide: for the littles

  1. iPod touch: our daughter is obsessed with youtube learning videos and only prefers "my"phone, so an iPod touch that looks like mamas phone is going to be perfect!
  2. unicorn helmet: I mean need I say more
  3. pink radio flyer tricycle: she loves to ride these at school and what a perfect start at home
  4. fringe moccasins: obsessed
  5. white kids table and chairs: perfect for arts and crafts and all other messy activities
  6. bunny sleeping bag: great for overnights at grammies
  7. faux-fur vest: perfect for my mini
  8. sled tee: so presh for winter 
  9. dot gloves: warm and cozy
  10. dot hat: so cute with the double poms
  11. faux-fur puffer: love this, does it come in my size?!
  12. fringe sneakers: double obsessed
  13. kitchen: our daughter loooooves her kitchen, such a perfect gift
  14. touch and teach learning book: perfect for the stage of learning 
  15. coloring items: love this set for the little creators that they are
  16. water table: this is perfect for summertime outdoors or when the weather lightens up

Our two-year-old is definitely obsessed with all things learning right now. Whether that is putting things together, organizing/mess making in her kitchen, putting shapes into boxes or watching all things learning on youtube. This is definitely my favorite growth spurt so far as it is so fun and interactive. This also makes shopping for this age a breeze. Today, I have shared my favorites for the littles. Some, I already have and others are for sure on their way!!

Thanks for reading... xxB

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