Wednesday, December 07, 2016

holiday fitness tips: 10 ways to stay on track during the holidays

holiday time fitness tips to stay on track

Fitness and eating during the holidays can be a little tricky. So today I have compiled a few tips to help keep you on track during one of the hardest and most tempting times of the year.

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how to stay on track during the holidays with health and fitness

I swear, there are so many temptations all around (daily) this time of year and it literally started at our salon the week before thanksgiving. A co-worker ordered this rocky road conception from Indiana and we all swooped in like its was crack. Believe me, I am not exempt from indulging and I will confess, I too love to make goodies during the holidays. I am here to say that it is ok to indulge in them but just remember moderation is always key.

Another thing that is rough this time of year is staying healthy. And let me tell you, I was taken down the last two weeks HARD! I have not been this sick in years and when I am sick I really miss eating healthy, working out and feeling good.

Today, here are some of the tips I use to help you stay on track with health and fitness during the holidays.

1. get your workout in early: getting it out of the way not only starts you off on a healthy note, it frees you up for the rest of the day

2. take a family walk on the holiday: we live in California, so our weather is usually amazing on the holidays, so this is a wonderful way to get outside and get moving while burning some extra calories. Plus, it is fun for the entire family and if it is getting dark, the lights are always gorgeous to look at.

3. drink lemon water & a ton of water: warm water with lemon first thing in the morning will help to keep you healthy and start your body off right for the day. Drinking a lot of water throughout the day will also aid in making you feel more full and satiated, it will ward off hunger (think sweets!) help to burn calories and keep your skin looking nice by flushing your system of all the sugar that may pass through ;) I love these water bottles and I get it, water is tough to chug this time of year. I find that adding cucumber, lime and berries makes it more fun, pretty (haha) and able to get down though the day.

4. do a video at home: this can be so helpful instead of wasting time away from the family by driving to and from the gym. I love the Bar Method videos as they are a total body workout and I also do the BBG Kayla Itsines workouts too and they are only 30 minutes.

5. quick run/walk outside: there have been times that I have gone for a quick run or walk during my lunch hour. I am game for any extra calorie burning this time of year.

6. pushups, burpees, high knees and sit ups: I like to do things in 25's and 4 sets. You would be surprised how these babies get your heart-rate up and how wonderful you feel afterwards.

7. eat the meat and veggies: if you're really feeling strict, then just eat the meat and veggies and skip the all the side dishes.

8. pack healthy snacks: I do this anywhere I go, anytime of year. I love to take nuts, rx bars and fruit with me. I like to eat them in the car and then I tend to be less tempted when I arrive at a party/gathering. Plus, I can get grouchy if I do not eat often and this totally helps.

9. make a healthy dish: who says all the food has to be sweet and buttery?! You can make a healthy version of the dish to bring to family/friends. I loooove and have made a ton of her recipes including all sorts of the sweets and I am telling you they are bomb!! You can also make a wonderful salad or vegetable dish that will help keep your goals on track.

10. be kind to you: do not beat yourself up during the holidays. If you slip the entire day. Then honor that and be OK with it and just pick right up where you left off the next day :) I promise you, one day will not kill you!

Thanks for reading... xxB