Thursday, October 27, 2016

hunter rain boots roundup and review

hunter rain boot adjustable calf review
Hunter rain boots will make you want to wear them (seriously I do) all year long. Slip on a pair and walk around in them and you will know why. My favorite pair right now are my red wider-calf pair. 

They are matte and look a little chalky which you can buy the boot polish and buff that out, but I personally like the look. It strikes me as distressed. Plus, I also have tall gloss and black and therefore they all have their own unique look. And it justifies having three pairs! Kidding...

parlor girl mama and baby hunter boots

pink tall gloss hunter boots parlor girl

hunter boots roundup and review
L-R: Tall Gloss, Tour Packable, Wider Calf

rain boots review parlor girl
You are probably wondering, gosh Barbie, why THREE pairs of Hunter boots? Oh come on you guys, if you don't know me by now... 

Tall Gloss Hunters: [boot shaft 16" & calf circumference 16"] All kidding aside, the tall pink gloss were my first pair I got for Christmas from the hubs. They are very tall, stiff, stand straight up and never get a stain or scuff and if they get dirty, you simply wipe them off and I have had them for about 6 years. Now I Am 5'10" and they fit with leggings and skinny jeans as seen in the pic above. 

Hunter Tour Packable: [boot shaft 15.5" & calf circumference 16'] The tour packable boots were the second pair I got. These babies literally roll up and you can squish them right into your suitcase and up do them at arrival without any crinkles or lines. Now, these are a tad shorter then the tall gloss so if you have a wider calf, I would pass on these. However, if you need a pair to pack and go, they also make a short boot packable option and I would definitely choose those. 

Hunter Adjustable Calf: [boot shaft 16" & calf circumference 15-17"] The red pair is actually my favorite this year. I love the wider look (I mean don't we all love to look like pencil legs?) these babies are just that and comfortable. My pair is the older model and therefore were only 14" but the new ones are a little taller. 

As you can see from my pictures above, I wear them year round. I love to water my yard in them all summer. You can literally hose them off when you're done. I wear them with dresses, shorts and all different style of pants. They are totally versatile!

Depending on your legs, calves and how you want to wear them will determine which style is best for you. Happy Hunting!! Lol

P.S. Last year they were at Costco during the holidays. If I see them anywhere again, I will definitely give you all a shoutout.. 

Thanks for reading... xxB


  1. Hunter Wellingtons are the best, me and my Girlfriend wear ours a lot usually with a denim mini and Tights, hers are shiny black and mine are shiny pink, we will be getting married in February and we will definatly be wearing our Wellingtons with our Wedding Dresses.

    1. Ahh I love hearing how others wear their Hunters! And congrats on the wedding, that is so exciting :) xxB