Friday, October 07, 2016

f i v e things to love about this week

1. pumpkin EVERYTHING is in full effect over here and I will be making this amazing dip this weekend I found poking around on pinterest

2.  Must read: ("Fat" at Fashion Week) // this struck a cord with me as I met Ashely Zeal at a blogger event in the city and would have never thought of her as fat. I am so proud her her for writing this raw, heartfelt and vulnerable post on being "Fat" at Fashion week and am completely on board to encourage the fact that the majority of us are "real" women and hope to see more changes within the industry. Girl you are so beautiful, keep doing what you're doing and inspiring "real" women (sans lanugo!!)

3. be sure to snag one of these 5 gorgeous on trend bags for fall

4. fall faves for your little girl // I would seriously wear every single one of these ;)

5. fitness is a huge part of my life and of course looking cute while doing it just makes it all the much better and more inspiring. I stumbled across these sports bras and striped pants and am so in love. They both have so much support and comfort. I will confess, the striped pants are so forgiving and compliment the booty so well that they give my Lulus a run for their money!!

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Thanks for reading... xxB

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