Friday, September 30, 2016

bomber jackets & hi tops + giveaway

I cannot tell you how much I have worn these hi tops since I got them a few weeks back. Not only have I already owned them once in my life before, they are super comfortable and look so stinking cute with a dress as well. 

I am also all about bomber jackets this fall. I snagged this one before our trip to Texas last May and have to say for the price, it is a steal. It also comes in 6 other colors and don't think I haven't got another one or two in my cart! 

90's were my hay days so I am just digging these chokers that are back in style. There are so many fun options. You can start with a plain, simple one, or this one (I wore to Disneyland), love this multi-wrap option and also I love this one!!

P.S. How cute is Danica running in the picture above?! She was literally going back and forth between us the entire time. I was dying of laughter!! Love her!!!

G I V E W A Y: Today I am giving away the EXACT bag I am wearing in my post. I fell in love with it instantly and decided to give one to you awesome readers :) good luck

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Thanks for reading... xxB


  1. I love your bomber jacket! I have entered the giveaway! Thanks!

  2. You have such stylish taste and Danica is just too cute. I want her as another daughter-I really do but I know that isn't really. She is a cutey but look at her gorgeous mom!! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity.

  3. Love this outfit! And that bag is really awesome!