Friday, August 19, 2016

wardrobe basics: where to start when rebuilding your closet

A couple questions I have been getting asked are: I am done having kids, how and where do I start with re-vamping my closet? and How and where do I start when building a wardrobe? I was talking with a sweet friend and decided a post about how to rebuild your closet would be so helpful right now. Great news- it is relatively simple and easy to tackle. It only takes a few basics to get you up and going and then as the seasons go on, you start to add in new pieces to re-build your closet again. I originally did this post last fall on how to build your wardrobe that included the 5-piece french wardrobe. But today I will elaborate a little more for you.

When building your wardrobe, it is important to think about your basics. Basics are where you want to start like having a foundation and then supplement in with more seasonal, trendy items as time goes on. The basics are those pieces that will last in your closet for the duration of their life. Think classics, simple color tones, essentials that can be mixed and matched with almost everything you have. I like to say black, white, grey, denim and brown are the main color staples. Once your foundation is complete, you can add in colorful tops, fun jewelry pieces and colorful handbags to change up your look.

Before I start building my closet, I think it is equally important to go through your current clothing situation and honestly get rid of the items that no longer work. Either sell (poshmark is great!), donate or toss anything that has holes and is destroyed. Be realistic and ask yourself if you will honestly wear the item again. If you have not worn it in 6-12 months, most likely you will not wear it again.

Here are my top basic picks to get your closet going: 

Jeans // skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, a nice dark pair that could even be black (distressing is still completely fine), you could even go on to have white jeans and flares. If I had to choose two it would be a light pair and a dark pair. If I could add one more, it would be black as black goes with everything. These are my favorite right now but a little on the pricey side. I love this brand so much for skinny jeans and they are so comfortable. These flares are a little higher waisted and super soft to your skin. I love these black skinnies because they are a higher waist (which is awesome for us mamas that are still toning that mid section!!). I am going to add on leggings here as well. This pair is a must have staple! I wear them year round and they last forever.

Tops // Basic tees are essential, you can never go wrong with black, white and grey. If you don't care for one of those colors, then swap for a black and white striped option to add in there. I buy all of my tees majorly oversized. I love the looser fit and look and almost always tuck the front in. A long sleeve white button up is great to have as well. It can be layered under sweaters, jackets and shorter sleeve pieces or worn alone with the front tucked in to your jeans. I love love this long sleeve tunic, it comes in 8 colors and is 33% off! I seriously own it in the green and black. I love that the back is longer as it allows you to wear it with leggings too.

Jacket // A moto jacket is essential. It can go with jeans and a simple tee, over a dress or on your way out of the gym with your athleisure wear. I swear it is a total staple!! If you don't have a military green utility jacket yet, then buy one. They are still a great basic that go from season to season and can be worn like the moto jacket as well. Last but not least, a denim jacket (under $30). I take one of these on all of my tropical vacations and literally wear it all year long. But if you're only going to buy one, then get the moto jacket (under$50 and I just ordered it!!).

Dress // I love dresses that can also be worn as tops. I am obsessed with tucking them in the front of my jeans or shorts (like in this post) and having the longer back hanging out. This one comes in 13 color options! Surely there is one to suit your fancy and I love the bell sleeves. You can choose a print or basic color and it can also be layered under sweaters, jackets and worn with over the knee boots as well. Totally a great staple piece.

Sweaters // I love a basic cardigan that is long. You can wear them with a tee, jeans and riding boots or booties and also with leggings and a longer tunic top. Another great piece is a pullover sweater. This can be worn with just jeans or you can layer a longer top underneath and have it peek out of the bottom.

Shoes // My favorites!! A bootie and a riding boot are closet staples. Now, there are a ton of varieties to choose from but these booties are a classic, come in 5 colors and are totally comfortable to walk in. I also like these for a lower heel option and the cut out detail is so fun. Riding boots are another great staple. I splurged a couple years ago and got these and these (not in the same year, but different years lol). They seriously last forever! These are a cute option too. You can always add in over the knee boots, rain boots and uggs later as well.

A classic heel is necessary, I would choose either black or nude, both can be worn with everything and year round. It is purely personal preference. I like nude first and then the black. And lastly, a simple classic flat is a great addition as well. I love these and they come in 8 colors and again can be paired with everything and the laces are a fun detail.

Here are some of my favorite choices and if you click on each picture you will be taken to the exact item... Happy Shopping and feel free to reach out with any questions! xxB

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