Wednesday, July 13, 2016

#girltalk who is parlor girl

It's been awhile since I did an updated post that is personally about myself. The last time I believe was here and its all the way back in 2012. I always think to myself that while I'm scrolling through and reading other people's blogs, I wish I knew more updated info about them. You know if you snoop hard enough, you can tie things together but who has that kind of time these days and especially if you have kids?! I understand there are things we like to keep private but as the reader you feel a connection to all of these bloggers and while some are w i d e  open most are reserved and readers crave a little more at times. I know I do!

On today's #girltalk it's all about this girl!!
Here goes. I decided there's nothing more relatable than being open, honest and transparent. 
I hope there are a couple things that you will learn and did not already know. And I hope this answers some of your recent email questions. 

barbie parlor girl girl talk
  • My name is Barbie
  • I'm 38 years old
  • I've been pregnant twice (first time I wrote about it here) and second time I gave life to this beautiful little chick named Danica who chose to pick me as her mama. I am forever grateful!!
  • I have a gorgeous grown up step daughter who will be 20 (eek!) this summer
  • I have 3-fur brats. I swear they drive our household bonkers most days
  • I have stretch marks up and down my sides and have lived with them since I was going into 7th grade when my body decided to shoot up towards 5'10"!! I did not get a single stretch mark while pregnant with baby D (and honestly I was scared to death so I went to bed lubed and greasy smelling like a coconut every single night. I do still wear 2 piece bikinis and always will #loveyourbody
  • I have never had Botox or fillers. I have come VERY close. But sis and I have a pact and want to let ourselves age to 40 and then re-assess. I mean really another 2 years haha. And plus, I really want to buy a boat load at Nordstrom Anniversary #priorities! Funny side story: hubs spent some money on gold mining equipment a few weeks back and since we do everything in equal, monetary fairness, he handed me $500 and told me that was going towards my face lift. #1- I about fell to the floor waving my finger saying don't ever tell anyone I'm getting a face lift it's called filler. And #2- I set my almost 40-year-old ass down and decided I would way rather go shopping with that money then start injecting right now. Don't get me wrong, I will do it and have absolutely no judgements if you have
  • I still work my day job and do hair three days a week. I absolutely love my clients and look forward to hanging out with them
  • I used to be type A and still strive for the A but it's mostly the "a" now. Meaning since little blessed our world my home is turned upside down and it's really hard for me to be organized. Every week I say I will do better. And that's all I can ask for. Although I keep buying cute stationary notepads for lists and lists but they're still in plastic wrap. I mean I use to fold my underwear and have all of my money facing the same direction in my wallet. Now days, I am lucky to find underwear even in the drawer and money is typically crumpled in the bottom of my chloe bag
  • My dad still has the home we grew up in (in Nevada City) and I try to go there often during the summer. There is something that nature does to heal and complete the soul. They even have a drive through Starbucks FINALLY 
  • Hubs takes my pics and sometimes my friend Gina
  • I love to support local boutiques and Shop 1108 and Shop 9 Fifteen are my two faves!!
  • My life is far from perfect but who would want to witness social media pictures of my laundry stacks, greasy hair and homeless looks, toddler destroyed dresser drawers, some days never getting out of pj's, Trader Joe's tantrums, forgetting to take tag off of your outfit and the person getting gas next to you tells you, leaving the house and realizing you have your sleep bra on and not a "real" bra, roaming target kids section instead of the women's clothing, taking the 3 dogs on a walk while pushing the stroller, (the littlest one rides in the bottom basket and now accidentally craps on the blanket and passing a pit bull my other two act like they're bigger then the pit) #craziness!! My point of all this sharing is, YES I have meltdowns, cry to my hubs that I am constantly cleaning, taking care of the family, work two jobs way more than 50-60 hrs a week and I still experience all the same stuff you guys do!! It is normal and it is called life. But, seriously if I shared all of that on the reg you'd be like we gotta ditch this chick. Her life is a shit storm and off the hook
  • It is funny, I get asked a lot about my hubs... People say oh you are so cute, he seems so sweet and mellow and I bet he's a great dad and so on... He is great and we have had many years to get to where we are now-13 to be exact. But I am a firm believer in counseling and communicating. We talk about almost everything. And yes, there are days he bugs the shit out of me but I look n the mirror and think he's so lucky to have me, kidding, I say I must also be a pain to him at times. For instance the other day I said, "oh honey doesn't it seem like forever ago I was pregnant? And my, it went by so fast..." he didn't miss a beat and replied "so fast for you!!" And I laughed. He cracks me up and I love him for that. I love him even more watching him be a father from the beginning too...
  • I have a gap between my teeth on the side. I use to photoshop it and now I could give a shit less
  • I also have tons of moles and brown spots. I used to photoshop them too and see above comment as that applies here as well!!
  • I look waaaaay better in nude & light pink lipsticks. I have tried color lipsticks for years and they are just not my jam. Accentuate your features that are best and let go of the rest!
  • I loooove shopping at Nordstrom (actually I order everything online these days because who doesn't love free shipping and free returns!)
  • I believe in dream learn do. You can dream up anything in life and shoot higher than you could imagine, learn how to do it and then apply and then DO it! You can do anything!!
Thank you all for taking the time to follow along, reading my daily blog posts and all your sweet comments, emails and feedback. I really do love you guys!! xxB

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